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The Walking Dead spinoff has a title!

IT'S OFFICIAL! The walking dead companion show on AMC is called FEAR THE WALKING DEAD! Expect

Bond 24 – The first Spectre trailer!

You can never keep the world’s greatest spy down for long, and James Bond, the best

Deadpool movie synopsis is out!

Did someone say chimichanga? It’s all here, D. Piddy

X-Men Apocalypse: Presenting Jubilee!

Another day, another fresh faced newcomer to the X-franchise.

Daredevil TV show: Heroes and villains

15 days to go before we finally get to

X-Men Apocalypse: Mystique’s swan song?

First it was Nicholas Hoult, a.k.a Beast, who announced

Russo Brothers to direct Avengers Infinity War!

To any Joss Whedon fanboys hoping for a triple

3 things that will happen in Captain America 3

Well, it looks like the Marvel promotional machine is

WATCH: A new Avengers: Age of Ultron teaser

Another day, another The Avengers: Age of Ultron teaser.

Morena Baccarin to play Copycat in Deadpool movie!

It’s confirmed now: Firefly (2002-03) alum and current Gotham