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SPOILERS: 5 things I hated about Exodus: Gods and Kings

Let’s get one thing straight: Exodus: Gods and Kings isn’t a terrible movie. In fact, I’d even

Predestination review: The ethics of advanced time travelling

You can be forgiven if you expect Predestination to be just another time travel movie, because

No more #Setlock adventures for Sherlock season 4?

If you’re a Sherlock superfan, it’s likely that you’ve

Suicide Squad movie: Viola Davis cast as Amanda Waller? No Oprah!!

As ever, these things break without official confirmation. But

The Hobbit review: Battle of the Five Armies? More like Battle of the Meh

Where do I even begin? On the face of

Batman v Superman: Amy Adams talks Lois Lane’s “key role”

The movie’s still a good 15 months away, but

Neil Gaiman would like Tom Hiddleston for the Sandman movie!

So it seems things are going swimmingly on the

Blackhat trailer: Thor gets techie! Well, sort of.

In light of the recent iCloud hack and the

Shazam movie: Black Adam will be “ruthless”, have “wonderful charm”

It’s still early days yet for the Shazam movie,

The Sony Hack: Studio had detailed proposals for ANOTHER Spider-Man movie reboot

North Korea’s (alleged) hack and release of millions of