How do you top Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy? How about by going in an entirely different direction with the Batman Beyond universe?

Rumours have begun swirling that a live-action Batman Beyond movie may be in the works, according to fansite Batman on Film.
It would be a very interesting tangent to take – and could possibly open up avenues to revive the cult-favourite property (count me in as one of the psyched ones).

If you’ve forgotten, or haven’t heard of it, Batman Beyond (1999) followed Terry McGinnis, an unwitting protege of a now-aged and retired Bruce Wayne far off into Gotham City’s future. The TV show ran from 1999 to 2001, although a Batman Beyond comic book is still being published.

Batman Batman Beyond8 Live action Batman Beyond film rumoured
In the future, nobody can compare you to Christopher Nolan. — PHOTO: WARNER BROS

If they do go ahead with this reboot – I’d have to give props to Warner Bros and DC. DC’s movie properties have paled in comparison to Marvel’s, but taking a chance on a cult favourite property like this would shake up the ‘safe, tried and tested’ feel that their movies have taken.

Adding on to that, it’s the perfect follow-up to Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed Bat-trilogy. Any other live-action reboot of ‘regular’ Batman would not only feel too soon, but come under intense scrutiny from critics. And the Nolan-verse is a pretty hard one to top.

What do you think? Would you watch a Batman Beyond movie?