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Live-action Batman Beyond film rumoured

How do you top Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy? How about by going in an entirely different direction with the Batman Beyond universe?

Rumours have begun swirling that a live-action Batman Beyond movie may be in the works, according to fansite Batman on Film.
It would be a very interesting tangent to take – and could possibly open up avenues to revive the cult-favourite property (count me in as one of the psyched ones).

If you’ve forgotten, or haven’t heard of it, Batman Beyond (1999) followed Terry McGinnis, an unwitting protege of a now-aged and retired Bruce Wayne far off into Gotham City’s future. The TV show ran from 1999 to 2001, although a Batman Beyond comic book is still being published.

Batman Batman Beyond8 Live action Batman Beyond film rumoured

In the future, nobody can compare you to Christopher Nolan. — PHOTO: WARNER BROS

If they do go ahead with this reboot – I’d have to give props to Warner Bros and DC. DC’s movie properties have paled in comparison to Marvel’s, but taking a chance on a cult favourite property like this would shake up the ‘safe, tried and tested’ feel that their movies have taken.

Adding on to that, it’s the perfect follow-up to Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed Bat-trilogy. Any other live-action reboot of ‘regular’ Batman would not only feel too soon, but come under intense scrutiny from critics. And the Nolan-verse is a pretty hard one to top.

What do you think? Would you watch a Batman Beyond movie?

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