Write For Us – The Crusade Needs You!

Are you the kind of person who lies awake at night wondering why the hell Marvel ever decided “Brand New Day” was a good idea?

Do your friends consciously avoid you because all you want to talk about is the continuity discrepancies in X-Men: Days of Future Past?

And does Game of Thrones make you weep and curse the name of George R. R. Martin, before rushing out to purchase the DVD box sets?

Then you ARE the droid we’ve been looking for.

I am Groot - the Crusade needs writers

The crusade is expanding, and we need well-informed, articulate and passionate geeks to contribute to our site with reviews, opinion pieces and event coverage! In short: we are looking for long-term contributors to Geek Crusade.

What does it all entail?

Here’s the answers to some of the burning questions that might be on your mind.

Q1. Do I have to be a super experienced, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist like Lois Lane?

While journalistic/blogging experience is preferred, we welcome any and all contributors. You simply have to be passionate about comics, TV, movies or toys. You can be as opinionated as you like, so long as you’re prepared to back it up. This is a fun site for geeks after all, and we welcome any and all opinions about all fandoms.

But we do require a certain standard of writing. Proper grammar and syntax, plus the ability to write concisely, are a must, not to mention the ability to keep to a deadline. We also prefer writers who are active on social media platforms like Twitter or Tumblr. Photography skills are a plus.(But webbing your cam to the wall while you go gallivant somewhere doesn’t count hor).

Q2. Wait. So does that mean you’re okay with racist/homophobic/sexist/misogynistic/anti-religious views?

Certainly. Any and all such views will be posted in the Negative Zone, where they rightfully belong. If you’re a DC fan, we can also post them in the Void.

Q3. Will I get paid? Or do you intend to exploit my time and talent for no money?

We intend to exploit your time and talent for no money. Seriously though, our writers are paid in kind: free movie passes, swag and the occasional meal. We can’t afford to pay salaries at the moment, but we are working to get there.

Q4. You’re not going to pay me? So why should I write for Geek Crusade?

What we can offer you is a wider platform for you to write about your favourite fandoms, and a chance to work with fellow geeks who are as passionate as you are.

Our writers often receive media accreditation to cover events as such as the Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention (STGCC),  The Amazing Spider-Man 2, X-Men: Days of Future Past  and Guardians of the Galaxy press conferences, so  this is your chance to get up close and personal with the stars.But do note that if we take you on, we will start you off with regular posts and reviews first.

Q5. What kinds of articles do you need me to contribute?

We need regular movie reviewers and TV episode reviewers. If you want to contribute opinion pieces – e.g. what is the cultural impact of a female Thor? is the new 52 destined to suck forever and ever? – we are more than open to your pitches and ideas.

We also need writers who can attend events and/or press conferences on our behalf, and then deliver the posts on a very quick turnaround time. Assignments are given on an ad-hoc basis.

Join the crusade TODAY!

Send us an email at geeks[at] geekcrusade [dot] com with details of your writing experience, and a writing sample.