Dinner Is Coming: Panem Forever! – Nov 26, 2014

This dinner is now over. Read about what happened here.

“So, Katniss…what’s impressed you most since you arrived here?” asks Caesar….“The lamb stew,” I get out. Caesar laughs, and vaguely I realize some of the audience has joined in. “The one with the dried plums?” asks Caesar. I nod. “Oh, I eat it by the bucketful”  ~ The Hunger Games
Have you ever found yourself wishing you could pull out a bow and arrow and be just like Katniss Everdeen? Geek Crusade invites you to join Panem Forever, a celebration of The Hunger Games and the finest cuisine of the Capitol.

Panem Forever is Singapore's First Hunger -Games inspired Dinner held on 26 Nov 2014

Panem Forever 

CITIZENS! President Coriolanus Snow invites you to Panem Forever, a celebration of the unity between the Capitol and the 12 Districts. This is a special three-course dinner on Wednesday, November 26 that showcases the very best cuisine in Panem. Peacekeepers will escort you to the venue. All those who do not comply will be shot.

Following the success of Welcome To King’s Landing earlier this year, our sold-out Game of Thrones-themed dinners that drew more than 80 people, Panem Forever will feature dishes inspired by The Hunger Games books. It’s the latest instalment of Geek Crusade’s Dinner Is Coming series, a series of pop culture-themed meals that brings fans together over food.

Seats are limited to a party of 50. Here’s what’s on the menu.

Degustation Menu

Geek Crusade's Panem Forever


The soup that Katniss loves – Creamy pumpkin brew 

Cream of butternut squash, toasted shaved almonds, black sesame


Katniss’ favourite dish- Lamb stew with prunes (Sold-Out)

Braised lamb shoulder, dried prunes , whipped potato, roots

Lunch with Cinna – Chicken in creamy orange sauce

Low temperature chicken thigh, white grains, green peas, creamy orange sauce


President Snow’s party – Frothy pink soup

Red dragon fruit froth, raspberry drops, sour cream


Panem Forever Event Details

This event is organised by Geek Crusade. For more information, please contact us via twitter , facebook, or email us at geeks[at]geekcrusade.com

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

[toggle title=”Is this dinner a promotional event for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part I“] We have no affiliation with Lionsgate or Suzanne Collins. This is a dinner for fans organised by fans.  [/toggle][toggle title=”How is this a Hunger Games-inspired dinner?“]Each dish is based on an actual quote from The Hunger Games books. For example, Katniss encounters the cream pumpkin brew during her Victory Tour:

My resolve is almost immediately broken at the first table, which has twenty or so soups, when I encounter a creamy pumpkin brew sprinkled with slivered nuts and tiny black seeds. “I could just eat this all night!” I exclaim.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Do I need to be a Hunger Games fanatic to attend this dinner? I don’t know much about the show or the books.“]You don’t need to be a Hunger Games fanatic – All you need is a love of good food and at least a passing interest in The Hunger Games.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Must I dress up?“]You don’t have, but if you feel a burning desire to turn up as characters from book like the Capitol citizens, Katniss, Peeta or Gale, we are not stopping you![/toggle] [toggle title=”Is this a trap? By attending this dinner do I make myself available for the reaping?“]Of course not! It’s a day of celebration, not competition. But may the odds be ever in your favour.[/toggle] [toggle title=”I’m coming as Katniss. Can I bring my game to the dinner?“]Look for Granny Sae, and she will exchange some bread and cheese for your rabbits. [/toggle] [toggle title=”Can I bring my bow and arrow?“]Of course you can, provided the bow and arrow don’t actually work. We will not be responsible for any Peacekeeper-inflicted deaths, accidental or otherwise. [/toggle][toggle title=”Will there be two hunky male interests I can swoon over?“]Erm… [/toggle][toggle title=”What are your upcoming Dinner is Coming events?“] We created our Dinner is Coming series of pop-culture events to connect fans, fandoms and food. Connect with us, and a raven will be sent to inform you of our upcoming events.