Christmas is almost here! Time to deck the halls and put Warren Worthington III on the Christmas tree! And that means it’s also time for that dreaded gift exchange.

Well, no need to panic, because we’re here with some geeky Christmas gift ideas to win that unspoken “who can give the coolest gift” contest.

1Geeky Stamps

Know any geeky teachers? Well, help them channel their geekiness through their marking with the words of Gandalf!

Geeky Stamps

All your teacher friends have exemplary students, you say? Well, no worries. There’s also a stamp for that in the style of Pokémon.

Geeky Stamps

Remember this?

Geeky Stamps

Available for US$15 from Geeky Stamps.

2Harry Potter Accio Tea/Coffee Mug: Grim Edition

Harry Potter mugs

Summon your daily tea (or coffee) with these Accio mugs from . And find a Grim staring at you from the bottom of your mug. Just to remind you that one dose of caffeine is probably not enough to last you through the day.

A punny Expecto Patronum version is also available.

Available for US$39.46 from TooLegitTooKnit


But if Harry Potter isn’t really your friend’s thing, then maybe this Robocup is.


Come on. ROBOCUP. It’s funny. Laugh.

Fun times and a durable ceramic place to store coffee for only US$11.45.

4Turtle Power Nap Sleeping Mask

There is no turtle power without a power nap. And what better way to get a power nap than to use a sleeping mask with painted eyes?

This is so inception that I can’t even.

Available for US$10.99 from Much Needed Merch

5Darth Vader Waffle Maker

Yeah, yeah. So we know all about the much coveted Death Star Waffle Maker from Think Geek which was featured everywhere from Mashable to Huffington Post.

(US$39.99 from Think Geek)

But did you hear about the just as cool (if not cooler) Darth Vader Waffle Maker? Give your friends the opportunity to tell Darth Vader who his creator is.

Available for US$39.99 from Amazon

6The Walking Dead Walkers String Lights

Help your friend prepare for next year’s Halloween by gifting him/her with a set of light up walker heads.

The Walking Dead

You can either wrap it up and put it under the Christmas tree, or you know, sneak into your friend’s house and decorate his place beforehand. I’m sure he’d enjoy the sudden rush of adrenaline when he sees a bunch of glowing zombie heads suspended around his house.

Available for US$14.99 from ThinkGeek

7Sherlock Holmes Cookie Cutter

Food tastes better when they it looks appealing, and there are few things more appealing than Sherlock.


So this Christmas, get your friends some Sherlock and Watson Cookie Cutters.


Just imagine all the fun cookies that you will have made for you!

And it will be just in time for everyone to watch the upcoming Sherlock Christmas special together. What a plan.

Sherlock, Watson, and 221B Baker Street Door cookie cutters are available for US$9.33 each from BoeTech

8Geek Nerd Clock

This truly is a gift for the ultimate geek. Test your friend’s geek knowledge and watch him quiver in excitement over how much he knows about the different hours on the clock face.

Available in a variety of colours for US$30.13 from LetterThings

9Men’s Under Armour® Alter Ego Hulk Compression Shirt

Give your man/ friend/skinny dork of a brother more reason to bulk up and hulk up by presenting them with this compression shirt by Under Armour®. It’s chafe-free, has some moisture transport system which wicks sweat and dries fast, AND anti-odour technology which prevents the growth of odor causing microbes.

And most importantly he can look like the hulk. Or attempt to at least.

Available for US$89.10 from  Under Armour®. Shirts for women are also available in the likes of Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batgirl for US$62.10.

More designs from the Under Armour®’s Alter Ego collection can be found here.

10Classic Glow in the Dark DC Comics Bathrobe

If your friend isn’t the gym rat sort, then maybe you can give him/her something to lounge in. Like a bathrobe. But bathrobes are so passé. UNLESS THEY GLOW IN THE DARK.

I know what you’re thinking: they look like some alien spewed radioactive goop on them in the day. But no. They look just as awesome in the light, except fuzzier and more inviting.

Available in Batman and Superman designs for US$49.99 from Merchoid.

Got any more geeky gift suggestions to share? Let us know in the comments! Meanwhile, enjoy shopping and may you have a #FFFFFF and fun-filled Christmas!

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