HUMANS is here! The British-American sci-fi series, about a world where androids have become a part of everyday life, has gotten rave reviews in the United Kingdom, and it’s now Singapore’s turn to be enthralled by it.

Set in a futuristic Britain where androids called Synths are commonly employed as servants and workers, HUMANS raises all kinds of uncomfortable questions about our relationship with technology. Here’s five reasons to watch it.

1It reframes man’s relationship with machines

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The Synths are only machines – or are they? Then why does Toby (Theo Stevenson) have a crush on the new Synth servant Anita (Gemma Chan)? Why is Dr. George Millican (William Hurt) so attached to his outdated Synth caregiver? And why does Laura (Katherine Parkinson) fear being replaced by Anita?

Could a machine ever grow to attain free will? To love, desire, rage, lust…even to hate? These are just some of the themes that keep HUMANS ticking over.

2Gemma Chan’s performance



You’ll remember Gemma Chan from the Sherlock episode The Blind Banker, where she played a pottery expert with a secret past. Here, she puts in a tour de force as the Synth Anita, who comes to disrupt the lives of the Hawkins family.

To play the role of bloodless androids, Chan and the other Synth actors had to go to “Synth School” – a bootcamp to learn how to behave and act like robots. They learned to downplay their very human reactions, and always let their eyes move first, followed by the heads and bodies.

3Everyone’s got a secret


No one is what they appear to be. Everyone’s got a secret — from the enigmatic Anita, to the Synths who are strangely more sentient than their android counterparts. Not to mention the fact that some characters have their own hidden agendas.

4It stars William Hurt


If the name sounds familiar, that’s because Hurt, 65, is an Oscar-nominated actor whose career spans 35 years. You’ll probably recall him as General Thaddeus Ross, nemesis of one Bruce Banner, in The Incredible Hulk.

But even more importantly – Hurt played Professor Allen Hobby, the scientist who created the android David in AI: Artificial Intelligence. It’s a nice little homage to the sci-fi genre, as well as the late Stanley Kubrick, who came up with the concept for AI.

5Girl power

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This is no man’s world where the women meekly submit. Niska (Emily Berrington), a Synth assigned to work as a prostiture, takes things into her own hands and breaks out of a brothel. Laura’s teenage daughter (Lucy Carless) is a skilled programmer and hacker. And Laura’s intuition makes her the first person to sense that there is something wrong with Anita – and she confronts it head on.

Watch: AMC on Singtel TV, Channel 322 | Mondays, 10pm. You can also find out more about HUMANS here

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