Shadowhunters are born out of the Mortal Cup. They are a chosen race,  But, seriously, who cares about that. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones is opening worldwide in the next few days, and we would like to sign up as Shadowhunters right now. Please.  While we wait impatiently for the Clave to enlist us, we are going to start acting like Shadowhunters.

“How?” By taking the first steps of dressing in black.

“Why?” You are killing me. Did you not read the book? Everyone, who did, knows that Shadowhunters look better in black.

Shadow-Hunters - look better in black since
PHOTO: Cassandra Clare Tumblr

Here are my tips on how you can look like a Shadowhunter.

1. Decide who you want to be. If you’re a bit of a tomboy, creative and kinda shy then you’re like Clary Fray. If you’re boy crazy, sassy, and beautiful but dangerous, then you’re an Isabelle Lightwood. Guys get to choose between Jace Wayland, who is  arrogant, guarded,  and witty, or Alec Lightwood, who is  extremely loyal and protective, but a tad insecure.

2. Dress in Black. Looking Better in Black” isn’t just a slogan for the Shadowhunters — they wear black with gusto while fighting the world’s foes.

clary fray dress
Isabelle Lightwood  inspiration

Or get fancy with Hot Topic’s clothing line, which is inspired by the movie.

PHOTO: Hot Topic’s Mortal Instruments merchandise


3. Get Runes. Runes are what make Shadowhunters different from average humans as they are the only beings able to bear the Angel’s marks. In other words, you need runes to complete your look as a shadowhunter. According to potterheadreviews, getting (fake) runes are easy. All you need is to print the runes you want  and cut out the inked portion. When that is done, secure the paper to your skin with tape, and start filling in the empty spaces with a black eye shadow (easy to remove if you make a mistake) finishing it with a waterproof eyeliner. She warns that using an eyeliner pencil to draw the runes might result in transfers onto your clothes. So heed her advice.

Cassandra Clare, the author of the best-selling The Mortal Instruments series, provided a visual representation of the runes she wrote in her book. So no excuses about not knowing how the runes look like. Choose from the runes below, and start inking them on.

shadowhunters runes
PHOTO: Cassandra Clare Tumblr


4. Bring your Stele. You never know when you will need to heal yourself. Or if you are in Singapore – like me – you might need to draw a rune that destroys perspiration. I simply can’t have sweat messing up my newly drawn rune. If you are lucky enough to be in the U.S, Toyrus.com is selling Jace’s Stele With UV Rune Reveal. For the rest of  us, take a look at this instructable.

jace steele

5. Practice your attitude. Memorise a few lines from the book and use them appropriately.  Note the difference between the characters’ ‘voices’.  Jace is arrogant, Isabelle is obnoxious, Clary is sarcastic and Alec is deadpan.

We curated some of our favourite quotes from our The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones contest last week for your viewing pleasure.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones opens in Philipines, Hong Kong and India on Aug 21. It also opens in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia on Aug 22, Indonesia on 28 Aug, and Taiwan and Vietnam on 30 Aug.  A full list of the movie’s opening dates worldwide is available here