Photo credit: Wong Jun Heng for Geek Crusade

Another year, another Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (STGCC) gone. 

To be honest, there were some signs for concern. For example, there were pockets of empty spaces peppered around the convention floor and compared to the previous years, the main stage for the performances and guest panels were tucked away in an even more obscure corner of the hall.

Attendance for some of the western comic panels was sparse, which seems to be a perennial problem.There were also fewer celebrity guest comic book artists, though Nick Spencer and Tom Taylor are well-known writers.

But we still love the convention. Here’s our top 8 highlights of STGCC 2016.

1XM Studios 

XM Studios is a home grown producer of limited edition statue collectibles with licenses like Star Wars, Transformers, Marvel and DC in their repertoire. They unveiled their absolutely stunning Sentinel vs the X-Men diorama at the convention, and you just have to check out the level of detailing on these sculpts.

There was also a preview booth of their upcoming Star Wars statues but I wasn’t allowed to take photos. Dammit. 

2501st Singapore Garrison

Photo credit: Wong Jun Heng for Geek Crusade

Who could miss out on the Singaporean chapter of the Star Wars costuming organization that is totally run by the most ardent of Star Wars fans? Every year, they have a photo taking session where proceeds go to charity.

This year, they added a fun activity called a “Droid Hunt” where each participant is given a droid “tag”. They had to survive the convention (for a few hours) without being caught by the roving Stormtroopers in order to win a prize.

3The cosplayers

Photo credit: Jasmine Ong for Geek Crusade

What would a convention be without the awesome costumers, right? Roaming the show floor and the outside the convention area, it’s a visual feast that no one can miss.

Check out Geek Jasmine Ong’s summary of the best cosplayers of STGCC 2016, as well as the most adorable kid cosplayers

4Imaginarium Art 

A new player in the limited edition collectible statues made their local debut at this year’s STGCC. They produce some neat Iron Man statues and busts, but what really caught my eye were the Transformer sculptures of Soundwave and Ultra Magnus.

The detailing is quite intricate and the Soundwave sculpture can be broken down into parts so you can swap out the limbs for different poses.


Photo credit: Wong Jun Heng for Geek Crusade

Meet Sabermach, Singapore’s only purveyor of intricately crafted lightsabers, all locally made and crafted. And they just unveiled the world’s first 24K gold plated lightsaber. The design is sexy sleek and would fit perfectly in your Star Wars lightsabers collection. There are only three in the world and one was just sold for $2,999!

Did I mention that their light sabers are battle ready? You can bang, poke and clang these babies and they will not break!


6Magic The Gathering

Photo credit: Wong Jun Heng for Geek Crusade

Magic: The Gathering has been making waves at STGCC since they started appearing at the convention a few years. This year, they held introductory sessions for newcomers who wanted to learn the game, and they got a free deck of playing cards as part of their ‘lesson’.

On top of that, if they defeated the trainers in two out of three games, they got an additional booster pack.

Photo credit: Wong Jun Heng for Geek Crusade

7Avengers Station

Photo credit: Wong Jun Heng for Geek Crusade

Tucked away in the back of the convention hall was the Avenger Station sign-up booth, next to a huge statue of the Hulk. It sold early bird tickets (with discount) to the upcoming Avengers Station exhibition that will run from October 29 till March 5. There will be interactive exhibits where you get to try out Thor’s Hammer, or virtually suit up in a Hulkbuster and fend off an invading horde of enemies.

8Mountain Dew E-Sports Arena

Photo credit: Wong Jun Heng for Geek Crusade

A new addition to the STGCC this year was the first ever E-Sports Overwatch Time Attack Challenge, where teams battled it out in the ultra popular game Overwatch for some nifty prizes by MSI and Razer.

Even if you’re not a fan of the game, watching the live stream with added commentary was a nice breather from the hustle and bustle of the convention floor.

What was your highlight of STGCC 2016? Tell us!