“Don’t give me that monkey face!” Hands up if you recall an adult saying this to you as a kid. Now that it’s the year of the monkey, this has become highly appropriate once again.

It’s that time of the year again, when you go visiting, receive ang paos, stuff your face with goodies, deal with the endlessly inane questions of relatives and basically have an awesome time. And you WILL make at least one monkey face.

Here’s 10 monkey faces you will make during Chinese New Year, courtesy of some of the most famous monkeys, apes and gorillas in pop culture.

1Someone tries to take the last pineapple tart

Source: Tumblr / Abu from Aladdin

2Your relative humblebrags about his great job

Source: Giphy / Planet of the Apes

3“Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend yet?”

Source: Giphy / Planet of the Apes

4You win big at mahjong

Source: Giphy / King Kong

5Or you lose big at mahjong*

Source: Giphy/Planet of the Apes

* Okay, so this isn’t a monkey. But it is from Planet of the Apes, and it’s Charlton Heston, and it’s an immortal line. So there. 

6The favoured cousin arrives

Source: Tumblr/ Rafiki from The Lion King

7When you just can’t eat any more

Source: Make A Gif/Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

8Baby cousin won’t stop crying

Source: Tumblr/ Rafiki from The Lion King

9Time to visit that annoying relative again

Source: Tumblr/ 2001: A Space Odyssey

10Opening ang baos at the end of the day

Source: Disney

Happy Chinese New Year, everybody!