"I told you I have an army." ©Marvel
“I told you, Chris: everyone thinks I’m a god.” ©Marvel

Loki was right: he does have an army. More than 19,000 people have signed a petition at  change.org headlined – this is no joke – Free Loki, calling for Marvel to make a Loki movie based on the character played by one Tom Hiddleston.

Apparently, these people, citing the fact that Loki has become one of the most popular Marvel characters in recent years, “respectfully but strongly” request that Marvel make a Loki movie. And of course, that approach has always worked with mega-corporations.

The petition cited a recent Moviefone interview with Marvel Studios president of production Kevin Feige:

”“I’ve been surprised and happy that so many cast members and characters have gotten that response. Hiddleston is a case in himself. We discovered that when we were going around the world promoting the movie, in Moscow and in the U.K. and in Rome, and all these people behind the barricades at the premieres were holding ‘Loki’s Armies’ signs or wearing homemade helmets with horns on it. We sat around years ago saying we needed a villain in the MCU, as complex and dynamic as Magneto is. Magneto is one of the best villains in both the comics and in the movies. The way that Tom brought Loki to life, with all of those different emotions and up to Hulk smashing him into the ground, we’re already having fun with Tom on the set of ‘Dark World.’ We hope to have that continue. Even if you didn’t read comics or weren’t versed in mythology and had no idea who Loki was — and he’s kind of out there with his big horns — they responded to him, particularly women. Tom is an amazing looking specimen but also because of that darkness, I think they find a sexiness with him as a badboy”

The petition ends with the simplest of facts: “He has an army.”

Notwithstanding the fact that these people actually bothered to sign a petition about a fictional character, it does make for a fairly compelling argument. Based simply on the number of Loki cosplayers I’ve seen at both SDCC and STGCC, Hiddleston is wildly popular, to say the least. Marvel has already begun experimenting with Marvel One Shots, or short films, featuring Phil Coulson and Peggy Carter, and they’re nowhere near as popular as Loki. Surely the god of mischief merits a One Shot of his own, at least?

Not convinced? Well, we were in Hall H during Comic Con back in July, when Hiddleston suddenly materialised in a literal flash of light to send everyone bonkers. Just check out the reaction below, and I’m sure you’ll agree that all 19,000 of those petition signers were in Hall H then.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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