UPDATE: So Reed didn’t respond to our questions, but they did tell The Straits Times that the packages are sold out – but wouldn’t divulge how many were sold. Mary Franklin, global event director of ReedPOP, an offshoot of Reed Exhibitions, also responded to criticism of the packages: “In order for the fans to have a truly VIP experience, that experience needs to be limited to a few. It makes them feel very special.”

Is this the power of the fanboys? After getting online flak for charging up to $1,288 for access to the Captain America: Civil War blue carpet event happening this week at Marina Bay Sands, it seems someone, somewhere is trying to make amends.

First up: Marina Bay Sands, who magically resurrected their #TeamCapMBS contest (to give away passes to the blue carpet and premiere) this morning. We noticed yesterday that all their previous social media posts on the contest had been hidden/deleted. We reached out to MBS last night via Twitter and email about it, but have yet to get a response.

Second: Remember those exorbitant exclusive packages that gave fans access to the blue carpet event and movie premiere, which started at $688 and went all the way up to $1,288?

Today, we discovered that the page on the Captain America Festival website (organised by Reed Exhibitions) that once showcased those pricey, pricey packages now shows only this:

Team Cap MBS
Photo source: STGCC

It was as if the Scarlet Witch had waved her hand and said “No more packages”. But just like on M-Day, the clean up wasn’t quite complete.

Click on the ‘Catch #TeamCap In Action’ tab, and you’ll still see an exclusive access option.

TeamCapMBS Captain America: Civil War blue carpet
Photo source: STGCC

Granted, the $1,288 package offer was set to expire on Apr 17. But the $688 package offer was to expire in two days time, on Apr 20. And as reader Angela Here pointed out: Wouldn’t the organisers usually put a ‘Sold out’ or ‘Not available’ tag on it, instead of deleting it?

There were certainly takers for the packages: We know of at least one person who shelled out $688 for one of them, and everything he signed up for is still on. So we can’t figure out if a) the packages sold out or b) they were removed in response to the fan backlash. We’ve asked Reed Exhibitions about this and are awaiting their response.

In any case, the fans made it clear: We love our fandoms, but we don’t like being ripped off. So now let’s just enjoy having Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie in town. Geek Crusade will be there to cover the blue carpet and press conference – watch this space!