The big bad of season 2 of CW’s The Flash has already made an appearance, doing the whole Bane thing on Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and all, but his true identity still remains a mystery to us.

"Look into my eyes..."
“Look into my eyes…”

Or is it? After all, in every season of Arrow and The Flash, the main villain is someone we’ve already seen and met before. So it seems safe to assume Zoom probably has a familiar face under that mask… but who?

Geek Crusade takes a look at some of the possible candidates for the new evil speedster in town.

1Jay Garrick from Earth-1/2

“I can has supervillain-ness?”

Some fans had initially thought Teddy Sears’ Jay Garrick might be the real mask behind the big bad. After all, Jay and Zoom are only seen together in flashbacks. There’s also another theory that Zoom is the Earth-1 version of Jay, brought to Earth-Two by Harrison Wells-2 (Tom Cavanagh) in some misguided attempt to harness the speed force. We’ve also seen how the Earth-2 doppelgangers try to kill their Earth-1 counterparts, so is there a reason an Earth-1 Jay wouldn’t try to do the same?

But… As yet we’ve not seen both Earth-1 and Earth-2 twins being metahumans, it’s always one or the other. Besides, making Jay-1 the villain would be pretty similar to how season 1 of The Flash played out. And that gets stale, fast.

2Harrison Wells from Earth-2

Gotta say, Wells-2 hasn’t quite mastered the angry face like Wells-1 (above).

Well, that would’ve been easy, wouldn’t it? But this one pretty much got crossed off when we saw Zoom holding Wells-2’s daughter hostage. We think, anyway.

3Eddie Thawne from Earth-2

“I’ll be back.”

Now this would be a pretty nasty turnaround for the true hero of season 1. If you recall, Eddie shot himself to prevent Wellsobard Thawne from ever being born, and in the process killed him (without undoing what he did to make Barry the Flash, but whatever, science magic). Eddie-2 would be a surprise, that’s for sure, and it would mess with Iris West so much…

4Joe West from Earth-2

“I can has superspeed?”

Speaking of Iris, who’s to say her father isn’t the man under Zoom’s mask. Joe-2 would be a surprise for sure, especially given Barry’s relationship with Joe-1. Additionally, we’re supposed to be getting a certain Wally West soon… which would make the entire relationship a huge mess, similar to most Taiwanese dramas.

5Eobard Thawne from Earth-2

It has happened before and it will happen again.

Come on, this would just be too easy now, wouldn’t it? Like the Harrison Wells theory, this seems to be one of the weakest candidates. Still, one gets the feeling we’ve not heard the last of Eobard Thawne, but this doesn’t really feel like the time or place.

6Wally West from Earth-1/2

1000x better than Fantastic Four ©DC Comics

Okay, we haven’t actually met Wally West yet, but it shouldn’t surprise anyone if he’s turned to the dark side. After all, both Atom Smasher and Dr Light are supposed to be heroes in the comics, but turned villains in the series. Let’s not forget Huntress from Arrow’s earlier seasons.

And while we don’t know what he looks like, yet, the producers have name dropped him about 1,001 times, so he’s right there with the rest of the possible candidates.

7Barry Allen from Earth-2

“I am my own worst enemy”

Of course, who is to say Barry isn’t his own evil doppelganger… Perhaps a more broken Barry, without the guidance of Joe West, might have just gone power crazy with his speed…

But… Similarly to Jay’s case, we haven’t seen an Earth-1 and Earth-2 counterparts share metahuman abilities. Besides… Zoom looks a little beefier than Barry is…

8Henry Allen from Earth-2

“You got my genes, after all”

Probably my personal favourite of the bunch, Henry Allen as Zoom would definitely be a huge kick in the groin, and would be a pretty good reason for Barry to call in help from his not-Justice-League buddies.

Henry definitely has the physique, as I mentioned in last week’s What We Know piece, but another possible clue is a flashback featuring Wells-2 listen to the news on Earth-2, where Robert Queen is identified as the vigilante The Hood, having somewhat lost his way after the death of his son.

In case you don’t know, his son is Oliver Queen, and the Hood was the name he was called for the earlier part of his vigilante career, which begain pretty much after he lost his father.

If Henry-2 is Zoom, perhaps Barry-2 was an unfortunate casualty? Besides, one version of Zoom in the comics has him antagonising The Flash to make him stronger… Maybe it’s just dad’s way of toughening his little boy up.

Well, it’s really just speculation on our part, and the producers could just pull one over us. Still, we’d like to think our possible list of candidates isn’t simply a wild guess. Maybe we’ll know more when this week’s mid-season finale airs.

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