As CW’s The Flash races towards the finish line (ha ha, punny), viewers (like us over at Geek Crusade) have been left trying to piece together the season’s revelations. Warning: There be spoilers ahead.

Now that that’s out of the way…

Running out of the friendzone, hopefully.
Running out of the friendzone, hopefully.

We’ve learnt that Tom Cavanagh’s Harrison Wells is really not Harrison Wells, he’s Eobard Thawne (played by Matt Letscher before bringing the whole Face/Off thing to the next level). We know he wants to kill Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), and has the psychic gorilla gorilla gorilla I Am Groot Grodd on his side.

"Did I ever tell you about my pet gorilla?"
“Did I ever tell you about my pet gorilla?”

But don’t worry, the most recent trailer shows both Arrow/Al Sah-him/My Name is Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and Ronnie Raymond-Martin Stein (Robbie Amell) appearing in the penultimate episode to aid Central City’s hero in his battle.

After Wentworth Miller’s Captain Cold double crosses him. Seriously, Barry? Are you related to Jon Snow?

So what else might be in store for the Scarlet Speedster? Here are a couple of possible scenarios:

1) Barry Allen dies

Yeah, this would be a big twist, but don’t get all worried just yet. This Barry Allen that may make the ultimate sacrifice is the Barry of the Future.

We know for a fact that the Reverse-Flash was battling with the Flash the night Nora Allen was killed, and we know that Future Barry was there (Cisco found his blood on the wall).

Now who is to say Future Barry went back? When the present day Barry went back into the past at the end of Out of Time, he had to relive the day he missed.

Head Geek Nic has not found a time to shout "Then face me now!" in the office yet.
Head Geek Nic has not found a time to shout “Then face me now!” in the office yet.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that Future Barry can and did run back into the future… But even if it wasn’t terribly irresponsible of him to do so, what would stop him from coming back, especially if he knew he had to stop Harrison Wellsobard Thawne because his younger self couldn’t?

And if stopping the Reverse-Flash meant getting killed in the process… Well, we all know Barry’s a selfless sorta guy.

Maybe Future Barry dies saving Iris...
Maybe Future Barry dies saving Iris…

2) The Justice League will take form

This one seems like a no-brainer. The CW has Arrow, The Flash, and the Arrow/Flash spinoff Legends of Tomorrow in the works, while its sister network CBS has Supergirl, which is set in the same universe.

We got that little teaser in The Trap that Barry Allen is a founding member of “conveniently cut off dialogue due to events” from Gideon.

"Hi guys, I was replaced in my old job by a British guy."
“Hi guys, I was replaced in my old job by a British guy.”

And let’s look at the roster that have appeared on Arrow/The Flash. Besides the two titular characters, there’s #NotMyBlackCanary, ex-Superman current Atom Ray Palmer, Firestorm, Cisco/Vibe, Katana (please don’t kill her off because of Suicide Squad), Arsenal etc.

Though Arrow’s Colton Haynes has left the series as a regular, his character Roy Harper did give his hoodie to Oliver’s sister Thea, and she can kick ass… so… Speedy?

Sara was cuter. *drops mic*
Sara was cuter. *drops mic*

Let’s not forget that Doctor-certified companion Arthur Darvill is joining Legends of Tomorrow as Rip Hunter, a Time Master.

They’ve also cast Ciara Renee as Hawkgirl, who will appear in The Flash‘s first season finale, which may be the biggest hint towards the whole J-League formation..

Since DC’s TV and movie universes seem distinctly separate for now, bringing out the TV-version of the Justice League before the arrival of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice might be a chance to set the bar once again, much like how The Flash has done to Warner Bro’s. future Flash movie.

3) Eddie Thawne is someone epic

Okay, this one may seem like a wild swipe, but let’s look at what we already know from this season.

Wellsobard Thawne hates the Flash so much, he wants to kill Barry Allen, but can’t kill current Barry because he needs the Flash’s speed to return home.

“Nope, this ring isn’t green.”


Wells tells Eddie that he’ll be a failure, not remembered by his descendants, and he won’t get the girl etc etc… Yet he also says Eddie is his “insurance policy”.

Again, it could just be Wells being all “I will kill him unless you surrender to me, Barry Allen”… or it could be something else entirely.

One of the theories is, of course, that Wells turns Eddie into some sort of Lex-Luthorish criminal mastermind… But, let’s face it, we do want Rick Cosnett’s character to get a break.

He’s been a decent guy all season, asking Barry for advice about Iris, asking Joe for his blessing to propose to Iris (seriously who does that any more).

Look at him! Just look at his happy face! Doesn't he need a lucky break?
Look at him! Just look at his happy face! Doesn’t he need a lucky break?

Russ Burlingame over at brought up this Booster Gold connection. Booster Gold is essentially Eobard Thawne’s nemesis in the 25th century, and while it may be far-fetched, we’ve already covered that Rip Hunter is going to be in the series, and he just happens to be Booster Gold’s son.

If Eddie is even remotely related to the Time Masters, Wells may just be banging on them to bring him back to his own time if his plans don’t work out.

Or he could be thinking of taking out his other nemesis’ ancestor(?) if he can’t deal with Barry Allen. Either way, it’s a small victory for one of the most memorable comic book villains of recent years.


So there you have it. Of course, we’ll have to actually wait until The Flash finale on May 19 to know how things eventually play out. In the mean time, what are your thoughts on how The Flash and Arrow have been so far? And what are your hopes for Legends of Tomorrow?