Wait, before we begin, out there be spoilers.

It’s only been a few months since Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) went back in time to save his mom (err, spoiler?), but we’ve now got a look at the ideal world he wanted… or is it?

Thanks to Comic-Con, we’ve got a good look at what Barry’s Flashpoint world is now like. Here are three reasons Barry Allen is the villain of his new reality.

1He’s keeping Eobard Thawne in a cell

“Do I get a burger?”

Okay, we know the Reverse-Flash is bad news, but he’s also had a profound impact on the way the Flash is. I’d even argue that to some extent, Eobard grew to care for the person he hated.

Barry, on the other hand, seems to have no such feelings. That cell looks terribly small (and similar to the one Zoom had in his lair), and if he’s been keeping Thawne there all this time, I’m sure Barry’s broken several UN conventions as it is. There doesn’t seem to be a toilet, I’m not sure he gets to shower… you get the idea.

Keeping your own prisoners in Zoom-cells isn’t the way the hero works, Barry.

2He’s using his knowledge of Iris to get into her head

“Trust me, Iris, I know everything about you.”

Barry Allen has another problem – Iris West, of course. Now in this new reality she doesn’t know him as well because he never moved in in the West family home.

Barry, on the other hand, retains all his former knowledge of their encounters, and it does seem from the trailer that he’s using this knowledge to get closer to her. If that’s not terribly creepy then I don’t know what is. And if he’s doing this with Iris, the person he truly loves, who is to say he’s not doing this with other aspects of his life?

3Barry vs Wally

“Say it, Barry. Say you like the costume!”

Okay, this scene is entirely without context, but we get to see Wally West’s Kid Flash facing off with an out-of-costume Barry in front of the police. Clearly, there’s gonna be some conflict between the speedsters.

It’s not like Barry’s the easiest person to get along with. His cockiness is the entire reason this Flashpoint universe exists. So it’s not hard to imagine him and Wally having their disagreements (they did in Season 2, too), and with Barry seemingly believing that he can do anything he want… well, Thawne’s words at the end of the trailer do make a point.

“Now who’s the villain, Flash? Now who’s the villain?”