You probably know by now that AsiaPOP Comic Con Manila made a big impact in raising the region’s geek cred. But just in case you’ve been hiding under a rock all this time, we recap five epic moments from our stay in Manila that you need to know.

1The exclusive Captain America: Civil War trailer

Source: D23 Expo

This was a massive, massive moment, something usually reserved for the hallowed floors of Hall H at San Diego Comic Con. The fact that it was previewed here at APCC Manila spoke volumes.

Again, we can’t tell you much about it because our Commando Geek Wong Jun Heng is sworn to ultimate secrecy, or the most traumatic of tortures, which I assume will mean watching Fantastic Four (see our review) on repeat for a week.

But the moment we can, you can be sure you’ll hear it from us here at Geek Crusade.

2Colton Haynes singing a duet with a member of the media

A real media darling, this one. Haynes gamely complied to this lady’s request, and even got us singing along. Well, most of us, anyway.

3Laying eyes on the life-sized Hulkbuster

You know that moment you lay eyes upon something so magnificent, you know it was a labour of love blessed with the touch of a elf’s magic? Yeah. That’s basically what it was like looking at this beauty.

4Nathalie Emmanuel being asked about Jon Snow

She tried her best – it was an inevitable question that was always going to be asked, and an equally inevitable answer, especially at an event like APCC Manila. Such a surreal but brief moment. She did reveal other things about Game of Thrones season 6 to us, though.

5Colton Haynes totally not holding back

Unlike Nathalie Emmanuel, Haynes wasn’t about to go all shy on us. Bless you, Arsenal. Don’t forget to check out other moments from Colton Hayne’s meet the media session.

Did you have a favourite moment from APCC Manila? Let us know what it was!