dc-heroes-christmasIt’s that time of the year again. Yes, time to suddenly go “What, it’s Christmas already?” exactly a week before Dec 25, then spend six days desperately making sure you actually have nice gifts to give and frantically wrapping them, before finally admitting defeat and buying vouchers for one and all.

Don’t worry – we at Geek Crusade are here to help. We put our heads together and came up with FIVE geek Christmas gift ideas, all for under $25 each. And there’s even time for them to be shipped to Singapore.

Superhero Caped Shot Glasses (from $14.95)

by Hot Geek Jacqueline Wong

Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon

These shot glasses are a classic example of how you can improve upon perfection – by putting it in a shot glass with a superhero logo. And then adding a cape. Batman, Superman, Lady Gaga…Everything is better when you add a cape.

And here’s the proof. Just look at Superman with his cape. With his cape, Superman looks like, well, SUPERMAN!

©Warner Bros
©Warner Bros

Now, here he is without it. Superman looks like a poser. He doesn’t even look like he’s flying. (Don’t blame my Photoshop skills okay, it is really his cape that makes him look good).

©Warner Bros
©Warner Bros

I rest my case. You can buy the shot glasses here.

Game of Thrones Pop! figures/action figures ($13 – $32)

by Grumpy Geek Bryan Huang

It might be a bit hard to get Game of Thrones season 5 for Christmas, but why not surprise your GOT-loving friends with the next best thing – Game of Thrones Pop! figures!

While you can get the usual range of cast members, from the Mother of Dragons to a White Walker, I personally like Drogon and Ghost the most. [Head Geek Nic Yong: we have four at home and they are awesome!]

For those of you who need more realism in your life, how about these GoT action figures instead?  ($20 – $32).


Perfect for anyone looking to recreate all the bloody, gory, action you’re so used to with characters who are still alive in the series. No sign of Oberyn yet, for you headcrushers out there.

You can buy the Pop! figures here and the action figures here.

A Tardis. Not a real one lah ($25)

Source: BBC
Source: BBC

Let’s face it, not everyone can have a TARDIS (or a TARDIS door), but you can still give the gift of a little blue box for Christmas. While the mug is obviously one of the more practical ones, for those of you with differing purposes (and budgets), there’s always the tea infuser, the teapot… and even the cookie jar.

Put one in your living room to see if the Doctor comes and leaves you a gift. Just make sure your living room has enough space for the actual TARDIS to land. And don’t limit yourself to the BBC Shop – you might be able to find the same stuff on other sites too.

Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to the Comic Book Universe (from $3.61)

by Opinionated Geek JM Wong

Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to the Comic Book Universe
Source: mistahmorgan.com

If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent a lot of time wondering where exactly Magneto and Professor X fall on the Political Compass, whether the Flash or Superman is faster, or just how many superhero teams Wolverine can be in at the same time.

Tim Leong, one of the art directors for Wired and bona fide comic book geek, attempts to answer these burning questions in the form of bar charts, Venn diagrams, and timelines. And they’re really, really gorgeous. The first time I opened this book, I could barely keep my excitement at bay.

The infographics range from the serious (Comic-Con Attendance), to the complicated (The Many Affiliations of the Marvel Universe), and the downright silly (The Pizzas of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

As is the nature of these things, the book is rather heavy on the Marvel and DC universes, but there’s also mentions of other graphic novels and comics, and even manga. If you know a comic book geek who loves a good scatter graph, this is the book to get.

You can buy it here.

Hydra In The Shadows Glow In The Dark

by Head Geek Nicholas Yong

Source: Thinkgeek.com
Source: Thinkgeek.com

There’s nothing quite like a good old-fashioned geek tee shirt, and this is one very, very cool tee. It transforms you into a walking spoiler alert faster than you can say ‘Hail Hydra’.

SHIELD agent by day, Hydra agent in the dark: what more can you really ask for?

You can buy it here.