Following The Flash, it was CW’s Arrow’s turn to return to the small screens for Season 4. And for the first time in a long while, we didn’t hear Oliver Queen’s opening monologue.

I’m sure it’s standard procedure by now…

But spoilers…

"This is your last chance!"
“No spoilers or I’m calling Liam Neeson!”

Last we checked, Olicity was driving off into the sunset into a new life, leaving the unfailing of the soon to not be Starling City to Thea Queen, Laurel Lance (#NotMyBlackCanary) and John Diggle. Turns out, Oliver and Felicity Smoak have been living the suburban life, enjoying their off season and presumably decided if Stephen Amell needs to work on his wrestling movies.

But of course, we’re not watching the Great Starling Bake-Off or Days of our non-superhero Lives, so things go boom and Oliver gets dragged back into all of it, finally taking on the mantle of the Green Arrow after four seasons. Here are some other things to note from Arrow’s season opener.

1Oliver can Masterchef

Guess all that League of Assassins training paid off for Oliver…

Oliver Queen is a domestic goddess, somehow finding time to make perfect eggs and souffle that would make Nigella Lawson proud. His cupcake-making skills also look pretty darn good.

We also learnt that he’s preparing to propose to Felicity, though that takes a backseat when Thea and Laurel come to him for help. Will Olicity survive the season?

2Green Lantern reference

These are not the Jordans you are looking for?

Blink and you’ll miss it. In a flashback sequence involving boyband Oliver and Amanda Waller, a man is shown wearing this flight jacket with the name “Jordan”.

Considering this isn’t the first Green Lantern easter egg we’ve had in the Arrowverse, perhaps we’ve finally coming to close to have a new Green Lantern… you know, ever since Ryan Reynolds bombed and went back to playing Deadpool.

3Felicity still rocks those red dresses

“Tell Colton it’s his move.”

Leave it to Colton Haynes (Roy Harper in Arrow) to tell you why he’d totally cosplay Felicity Smoak. It just wouldn’t be an Arrow episode without her dangerous curves rocking a red dress, would it?

Additionally, we found out Felicity has been helping Team Arrow (or Team Green Arrow now, if you will) for some time. Oliver seemed a little betrayed at first, but true love is stronger than that, right?

4Detective Lance is working with the bad guy

“I’ll do anything, just bring back my Black Canary!”

Damien Darhk has finally made his appearance, and it seems like he’s managed to get the straight-talking Quentin Lance in his pocket. What a plot twist!

Presumably, Darhk used Laurel’s safety to threaten Quentin, and with the H.I.V.E. leader wanting the head of the newly-minted Green Arrow, how long can Detective Lance hold out with his only surviving daughter’s (for now) life at stake?

5Someone gets George RR Martin’d

“The Lannisters send their regards.”

Right at the end, we get treated to a time jump six months later. Someone’s dead, Barry Allen’s making his cameo (and another Zoom reference, for those who missed last night’s episode), and Oliver looks like he’s headed back down the path of darkness.

So it’s pretty obvious someone dies, and someone with links to both the Green Arrow and the Flash. The immediate, and probably most devastating thought, is that the grave belongs to Felicity (nooooooooooo how could I suggest such a horrifying scenario…). She’s the perfect candidate to both crush our souls and ensure that Oliver doesn’t become a carebear.

"Don't call me Speedy!"
“Don’t call me Speedy!”

Alternatively, there’s also Thea. The episode hints that she’s not quite herself, probably due to the use of the Lazarus Pit in Season 3. After all, Colton Haynes did tell us at APCC Manila that he was headed back to Arrow (though we don’t know in what role). Could Thea’s death bring the Arsenal back to the fold? Admittedly, Thea has less of a relationship with Barry Allen

Quentin Lance, in my opinion, is another potential victim. After all he’s in some deep shenanigans with Darhk, and he did tell Oliver about how he’d brought the darkness with him. Maybe he’ll go out in some heroic sacrifice/blaze of glory?

The Diggle.
The Diggle.

I don’t think it’ll be Diggle (though I could be wrong), seeing how he’s Team Arrow’s token minority character. Similarly, I doubt I will be so lucky as to see the end of Laurel Lance as the Black Canary any time soon.

That sums up our takeaways from the Season 4 premiere of Arrow. It’s still a long season to go, so it’s quite likely there are still many twists and turns in the road ahead.

It’ll be interesting to see how Arrow integrates into the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow, and if we see Sara Lance’s White Canary this season before her appearance in the spinoff.

Also, how cool was Diggle’s mask?

What did you think of the Arrow Season 4 premiere? Let us know!