"Who is this Mother of Dragons?" ©Paramount Pictures
“Who is this Mother of Dragons?” ©Paramount Pictures

The Mother of Dragons is coming to save the world! From machines! In Terminator: Genisys!

But cast your mind back to 1991 (if you were alive then). Remember the first time you heard the term “T-1000”, and the idea of a robot made of liquid metal?

Or go further back. How about the first time you heard the words “I’ll be back”?

Getting goosebumps yet? Here’s five reasons the original Terminator movies (parts 1 and 2) rocked our world.


It’s hard to believe now, but true: Arnold Schwarzenegger was originally meant to play the role of Kyle Reese, the human warrior who goes back in time to save Sarah Connor.

Thank goodness Cameron saw something different in him, and cast him as the T-800.

And so the franchise made him an icon, gave us one of the most memorable lines ever, and made us love a robot killer that eventually became a protector.

2Linda Hamilton

The term ‘feminist icon’ is very often loosely used, but in Linda Hamilton’s case, she fully deserves it.

Her Sarah Connor went from big-haired damsel in distress, to an M16-toting warrior determined to save her son and the world.

For all her strength, she retained a heartrending vulnerability that made everyone root for her.

But no matter what, you would trust Sarah Connor to lead you to hell and back. Emilia Clarke has her work cut out trying to live up to that legacy.

3Michael Biehn

Before Sarah Connor was left to fend for herself, Michael Biehn’s Kyle Reese was the reluctant, dedicated warrior who made us all feel safe.

Jai Courtney may be the hot young thing now, but it was Biehn’s quiet, stoic yet caring persona that made Reese so memorable.

And there were much feels to be had when he [SPOILER ALERT] eventually sacrificed himself to save Sarah.

4The T-1000

Even in an age where we’ve seen CGI-laden spectacles like Lord of the Rings and The Avengers, the T-1000 still looks pretty damn impressive.

A shape shifter who spoke oh-so-slowly, Robert Patrick’s T-1000 was relentless, nigh-on unstoppable and just bloody terrifying.

5It wasn’t just about cool robots

For all the cool effects and action set-pieces and guns blazing, the Terminator movies actually did have serious themes to address.

From the price of technology to artificial intelligence to predestination to the nature of existence, the movies thrilled us, but also made us think.

It’s most resounding message came in what Sarah Connor carved at a park bench: “No fate but what we make”.

Terminator: Genisys’ Singapore release date is on Jun 25.

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