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No matter how much you hug her, she won’t give up the Apple Watch. Source: AMC Asia

Imagine a world where an android is your domestic helper. Your caregiver. Your receptionist. Or even your lover. That’s the premise of the AMC Asia drama HUMANS, set in a United Kingdom where androids called Synths serve humans in everyday life.

HUMANS is now screening in Singapore, and to celebrate, AMC Asia is giving away an Apple Watch! All you have to do is go to the AMC Asia Facebook page, and prove that you’re really human.

Apple Watch
Source: AMC Asia

You can do this via a written explanation OR a photo, detailing how you can do certain things better than a Synth. Make sure you leave the comment on THIS POST. The best answer wins!

Here’s some idea to get your creative juices flowing: 5 things robots can never, ever do better than Singaporeans.



2Speak Singlish –

Source: dulananimals

Remember when the late Steve Jobs announced the very first iPhone way back in 2007? “Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything,” said the man who literally changed the way we live our lives.

The only technological breakthrough that could possibly match that achievement: a robot that can figure out a phrase like ‘chut pattern’, scream the choicest of Hokkien profanities at you, tell you not to kao peh kao bu and where to put the lah/leh/meh in a sentence.

Well. It’s not going to happen. Don’t even try loh.


4Order coffee/tea


Kopi gau, teh-c siu dai, kopi gah dai, yin yang or just good old kopi – there are some ancient secrets passed down by our Singaporean forefathers that outsiders just aren’t meant to know, and this is one of them.

Especially not a robot made of silicon and plastic and steel. It takes real flesh and blood to order coffee or tea the way we do.

5Take pictures of food and post them online

Source: Pictures of Asians Taking Pictures of Food

#CheckOutMyAwesomeFood #MakingYouJellySinceInstagramStarted #MakingSureYouKnowIGoToTrendyRestaurants #MyFoodWasServed10MinsAgoAndIStillHaventTouchedIt #IfItsNotOnlineIDidntEatIt #SuckOnThatRobots #RobotsDontEvenEatAnyway

Watch: AMC on Singtel TV, Channel 322 | Mondays, 10pm. Don’t forget to take part in the Apple Watch contest! And here’s 5 reasons you should watch Humans

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