So Valentine’s Day is coming and you have a problem – you don’t know what to get your mega-geek of a boyfriend. I mean, sure, he’s sweet and funny. But all the things he likes are either drawings, CGI, or creatures so strange that they had to develop a language of their own.

And you’re fine with that. But you want to get him something he really likes for Valentine’s, and there’s only so many times you can jump out of a box with a bow tied around your head.

But it’s ok! I’m here to help.

Here’s a list of 5 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your geek boyfriend, that will melt his heart faster than Pyro can.

1) Life-size Stormtrooper

Even if you’ve never seen Star Wars, I’m sure that you’ve caught one or two episodes of How I Met Your Mother (2005-14). And it’s worth noting that the legen (wait for it) dary Barney Stinson has one of these in his bachelor pad.

How I Met Your Mother
“Say hello to my little friend.” ©CBS

And you can be sure that your boyfriend has had similar dreams of stationing a stormtrooper at the foot of his bed. So that he can admire it before he sleeps and it can be the first thing he sees when he wakes up in the morning.

You knew what you were getting into when you got into a relationship with a nerd. On the one hand, you wouldn’t have to be worried about fending off other girls. But on the other, you would have to compete against fictional characters. And this particular fictional character  will set you back by at least US$1,722.38, courtesy of Amazon.

But if you still have issues with your boyfriend having a figure apart from yourself looming over his bed, then maybe you can be a bit more creative (and economical) and do something like this.

How I Met Your Mother

Of course, you’ll probably wind up with helmet hair and a bruised ego. But surely your boyfriend is worth the effort and the approximately US$700 that you’d fork out to Amazon. But if that’s still too much for you, just get a cardboard cut-out for US$34 and hope that it doesn’t get blown away by the monsoon winds.

2) Superman USB Cufflinks

Personally, I’ve never understood cufflinks. What’s wrong with buttons? Are they not shiny enough? Why can’t you use metal buttons? Are they too mainstream? But since guys need cufflinks, you might as well give them some that are multifunctional. Like these Superman USB Cufflinks.


Going for US$139.99 at, they perform not only the mundane function holding the ends of your shirt sleeves together, but they also serve as data storage. Cool conversation starters should your boyfriend ever be pressured into going for a fancy dinner which requires him to don cufflinks.

And this is beside the point, but the packaging that the cufflinks come in is pretty awesome too.


3) Doctor Who Blue TARDIS Mini Fridge

In all probability, your geek boyfriend sits in front of his computer for hours on end, catching up with one of his many television series, planning his next trip to Comic Con, or engaging in fierce debates on whether Batman would kill the Joker if given the chance.

This results in him forgoing his meals for days on end. In times like this, he needs a TARDIS to help him manoeuvre through space and time.

An actual Tardis door at the Geek crusade HQ. Yes, really.
An actual Tardis door at the Geek Crusade HQ. Yes, really.

Or in this case, to make sure he’s irrigated and fed. And at US$129.99 with free shipping courtesy of Amazon, this item’s perfect!

May it capture his heart, prompt him to yell “Geronimo!” and declare that you’re a beautiful woman. Probably.

4) “Batmobile” iPhone 6 Case

If your geek boyfriend is using an iPhone 6, I’d recommend that you get him this cover, which will transform his phone into a Batmobile replica. Look! Isn’t it cool?

Source: Bandai
Source: Bandai

The best thing about it: It’s not bulky enough to make you look completely ridiculous when you’re taking a call.

Source: Bandai
Source: Bandai

One drawback: It’s too big to fit into his pocket. So good news girls! Your geek boyfriends will have to start bringing their own bags around instead of dumping all their stuff into your bags.

You can get this wonderful contraption for about US$50 on…this Japanese site right here.

5) Marvel Captain America Super Soldier Costume Zip Hoodie

You know how your geek boyfriend has no fashion sense? Seriously, the guy has only one outfit – t-shirt and shorts. (The one shirt which he pulls out once in a blue moon for formal events isn’t counted).

And you’ve been dying to expand his fashion choices but you haven’t found the right opportunity to. Well, you’re in luck. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to expand the miserable stack of clothing which he calls his wardrobe.

And here’s a winner! A hoodie which will make him remind you of Chris Evans.

This hoodie will make you look like Chris Evans. Sort of. Source: Hot Topic
This hoodie will make you look like Chris Evans. Sort of. Source: Hot Topic

Yes, Chris Evans is really hot. And your boyfriend can remind you of that hotness for an extremely reasonable price of $47.60 from Hot Topic.

But just in case your boyfriend isn’t the hoodie sort, you can still buy him a collection of t-shirts from Hot Topic.

I assume he wears t-shirts. Everyone does!


Prices range from US$16.40 – US$19.60 at Hot Topic.

Hope that you’ve found this list helpful. May the force be with you in your present-buying quest. Good luck!

What other Valentine’s Day geek gifts can you think of? Tell us!