Deadpool movie
You love me, you really love me! ©20th Century Fox

The verdict is in: The whole world (except China, and that’s not by choice) LOVES the new Deadpool movie (see our review here) . It’s breaking records left, right and centre, and with good reason. It’s a movie that takes a lot of risks and isn’t afraid of poking fun at the superhero genre.

But what does its success mean for superhero movies, specifically the beloved (and super lucrative) X-Men movies? Well, we’ve got some ideas.

1Deadpool sequel, with added Cable!

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The cash registers may have only just started ringing, but THR is reporting that a sequel is already in the works. And if you’ve already watched the movie, the end credits scene only gives this rumour more credence when Deadpool tells us that FREAKING CABLE will be in the sequel.

For those scratching your heads, Cable is the son of Cyclops from the future, and has all sorts of telekinetic and telepathic powers. It’s complicated. But he’s yet another beloved character that fans are eager to see on the big screen.

In fact, Stephen Lang (from Avatar) is already gunning for the role.

2A crossover with the X-Men

There’s a reason they call it a steely eyed gaze. ©20th Century Fox

If the thought of Colossus trying to talk sense into Deadpool joining the X-Men made you laugh, just think about Deadpool making fun of Cyclops.

No, really, think about it. How glorious would that be? This weekend’s receipts are proof that audiences want to see something different, and it’s not a huge leap to hope that studio execs will include Deadpool in a future X-Men movie at some point to try and replicate the success.

And all of this just means….

3More X-Men movies in the pipeline

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As much as fans want to see the highly anticipated X-Men: Apocalypse, we’re also aware that this is likely going to be the last movie in the First Class trilogy with the (now not-so) new cast. We’re just waiting for Bryan Singer to stick the landing, and there’s talk that he’s already preparing for another X-Men movie.

The events of Days of Future Past mean that the timeline of the original trilogy has now been rewritten, so Fox now have a very convenient excuse for what is essential a gigantic retcon. We also have an even newer cast, including younger versions of Jean Grey and Scott Summers.

The fact remains that the X-Men movie franchise has been ridiculously lucrative for Fox, and I can’t see them leaving this movie universe alone for too long. Plus, Deadpool has already brought in Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead into the fold. It’d be really silly to not make full use of these characters.

4An R-rated Wolverine movie

Fondle my smooth criminals one more time, and Deadpool will REALLY be dead. ©Fox

This one seems like a long shot, but there’s some chatter online that the runaway success of Deadpool might lead to a loosening of studio demands and open the doors to even more R-rated superhero movies.

One thing on the wishlist of many a fan is an R-rated Wolverine movie. It’s not enough to have him utter the only F-bomb allowed in a PG movie (Hugh Jackman already did this in First Class). He may be a lean, mean, efficient killing machine already, but the movies don’t really depict those berserker rages the character is prone to. Not properly, at least.

One way to extend the life of this fan favourite is to mine those story arcs that haven’t been explored yet. However, Wolverine has gone through some truly horrendous things in his long and complicated past, and a lot of them are not entirely family-friendly. Cue the need for an R-rated Wolverine movie.

5Fox may not want to share. Again.

Cap was disappointed the X-Men couldn’t make it to his party. AGAIN. ©Marvel Studios

Fox owns all the rights to the X-Men universe and anyone that might be labelled as a mutant, while Marvel owns the rights to, well, just about everything else. The MCU has proven itself to be an unstoppable force, but one thing many still hope for is for Marvel Studios and Fox to make up and share the rights to the X-Men.

Marvel has already made their peace with Sony, which is why we’re finally getting a Spider-man crossover in Captain America: Civil War. There’s even going to be yet another Spider-man reboot, this time with Marvel in the driver’s seat.

But with Deadpool now bringing in Fox’s biggest opening in years, it just gives them another reason to hang onto the X-Men for dear life. The franchise has been their most lucrative product for more than a decade now, and it would be an immensely stupid decision to suddenly let it go.

So to those of you waiting for a big screen version of the Avengers vs X-Men storyline: sorry.