Wonder Woman
Fighting a world war with hair in place takes skillz! Israeli actress Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. ©Warner Bros

It’s taken 75 years, but Diana of Themyscira a.k.a. Wonder Woman is FINALLY getting a movie of her own. And while we here at Geek Crusade haven’t been nice to the DC Extended Universe movies (you have to admit most of them are less than stellar), we’re really rooting for Wonder Woman, which is out in Singapore cinemas on May 31.

But who is Wonder Woman, really? Well, she’s right up there in the top tier of superheroes, alongside Superman, Batman and Spider-Man. And yet, in spite of her pop culture clout, she’s only just getting a solo movie. AND it’s the first solo superheroine movie of the modern era.

Here are six things you should know about Wonder Woman before you catch the movie.

1The movie focuses on Wonder Woman’s origin story

Family matters. Wonder Woman and her mother Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen, right). ©Warner Bros

Her debut in last year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (see our review) may have come in the modern era but much of the action in Wonder Woman will be set in the past. We’ll see Diana’s (Gal Gadot) childhood on the island of Themiscyra and the years of training she endures at the hands of her aunt General Antiope (Robin Wright) and her mother, Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen).

This relatively peaceful existence is shattered once Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), a US intelligence officer serving in World War I, crashes on Themiscyra with German soldiers on his trail. Diana then gets sucked into the chaos of WWI as she suspects that Ares, the God of War, is behind it. Check out the newest trailer for more.

2Fans are loving Wonder Woman’s heroism

Wonder Woman and her WWI crew. ©Warner Bros

We’ve been spotting early reactions by press and fans who were lucky enough to attend a special early screening and the response has been largely positive. Many are saying that Wonder Woman shows the kind of pure heroism devoid of angst that the world really needs right now.

They were also impressed by the breathtaking action sequences. We’re so ready for some amazing visuals, and think it may be best to watch Wonder Woman in an IMAX theatre for a more immersive experience, given its wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling screen. When she finally whips out her Lasso of Truth and brandishes the Sword of Athena, we want to be front and centre!

3She has a Justice League connection

Justice League of America… assemble? Wonder Woman is one of the founding members of this legendary superhero team. ©Warner Bros

Wonder Woman is one of the founding members of the Justice League of America and from what we’ve seen so far in BvS and the Justice League trailers, it looks like it’s mainly her and Batman who will be *ahem* assembling the rest of the team. Plus, she was the best thing about BvS.

So if you’re going to delve deeper into the DCEU lineup in years to come, it’s best that you get acquainted with Diana and her story now.

4The creator of Wonder Woman was one interesting fella

Willian Moulton Marston helped invent the modern lie detector test. Photo: People.com

Here’s an interesting piece of trivia you can dish out to impress your date/friends when you catch the movie – Wonder Woman’s creator, William Moulton Marston, had a hand in the creation of the modern polygraph or the lie detector. Many fans believe that Diana’s Lasso of Truth, which forces anyone caught in it to tell the truth, may be symbolically linked to the polygraph.

There’s a movie about Marston’s life in the works as well, and no wonder. The Harvard psychologist was a polygamist who lived with his wife and their lover (yes, really) and cause a stir in 1941 when he created Wonder Woman.

5Gal Gadot has military experience

©Warner Bros

When it was first announced in 2013 that Israeli actress Gadot had clinched the role of Wonder Woman, fans were divided. Back then, Gadot was built like most models – tall but also waif thin. It was hard imagining this relatively unknown actress, who looked more like a beauty queen, as an Amazon warrior. But did you know that Gadot, now 32, served two years in the Israeli army?

Because military service is compulsory for all Israeli citizens, Gadot joined the Israeli army when she was 20. After a three-month boot camp, she went on to become a combat trainer. The experience would definitely have helped with her gruelling regime when Gadot was preparing for the role.  She trained for six hours every day for six months before filming began – two hours in the gym, another two for fight choreography and two for horseback riding. Phew!

6Edgy filmmaker Patty Jenkins is at the helm

As director, Patty Jenkins (right) gets to tell Wonder Woman what to do. Now that’s power! ©Warner Bros

Director Patty Jenkins may not be a household name, nor is she terribly prolific, but her work so far has been well-received by both critics and viewers alike. It was Jenkins who directed Charlize Theron in her Oscar-winning turn as notorious serial killer, Aileen Wuornos, in Monster (2003). She also picked up a few awards for the superb directing she’s done on a number of episodes of The Killing, an acclaimed crime drama led by a female character.

Beyond the quality work, it’s important to note that Jenkins has experience in telling meaty stories with formidable, complex women taking centre stage. So it’s fitting that Wonder Woman’s first solo movie has been entrusted to her.

Wonder Woman opens in Singapore theatres and in IMAX 3D on May 31.