By now, you’ll have seen the Doctor Strange trailer that blew the doors off Hall H at Comic Con the other day. Here’s a little reminder in case you’ve somehow forgotten about it:

Here’s eight random thoughts we had about the trailer.

1Rachel McAdams has been in a lot of time travel movies

Science Fiction’s Weirdest Typecasting - Rachel McAdams and Time Travel
How many times must i do this?

She was in About Time, Midnight In Paris, and The Time Traveler’s Wife – but always as the wife/girlfriend of the time traveler, and never the traveler herself. Now she’s starring in Doctor Strange as – again – the companion to a man who doesn’t quite travel through time, but does open up portals in space.

It’s only a matter of time before McAdams ends up in Doctor Who. She’d make an awesome companion! Oh, and if you are interested, Tor predicted the McAdams/Cumberbatch pairing in 2014, thanks to the ever reliable Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

2The MCU now has 2 Sherlocks

3Mads Mikkelsen is awesome


5Inception deja vu

6The Marvel Cinematic Universe is all connected

7Benedict Cumberbatch is shirtless.


8And that cape twirl.

Doctor Strange cape

It should win some awards. Do it again.

In summary, Doctor Strange = Sherlock v Hannibal, plus superpowers. The fandoms have finally collided. Thank the old gods and the new!