Superman moustache
©Warner Bros

This story gets funnier and funnier the more we hear about it. We reported a while back that, during the extensive Justice League reshoots, Henry Cavill a.k.a. Superman presented a particular challenge. This was thanks to the moustache he had grown to play his character in the upcoming Mission: Impossible 6, on which production was already underway.

Warners eventually had to digitally remove Cavill’s facial hair in post-production, after Paramount Pictures refused to let him shave it off. Now, it turns out that Warners actually had a counteroffer for Paramount: let Cavill shave and they would digitally grow Cavill’s moustache for MI: 6.

On a Reddit thread discussion, a VFX artist who claimed to have worked on Justice League (see our review) claimed that this would have been a much simpler solution than the far more complex process of digitally removing the moustache.

“A mix – to some people it’s a cool little project to get stuck in to and another problem to solve, which is what a lot of VFX is about. Challenging. To me, as a fan, I was annoyed haha Paramount should’ve shaved him and stuck a fake one on for MI6. Ridiculously petty of them. We did tests on already shot footage of Superman to add a beard as well to show the MI6 team at Paramount it was loads easier, and Warner Bros offered to pay for all the beard adding shots in MI6. They said no.”

Ah, well. It would have been awesome to see that Superman moustache. At least we’ll always have Photoshop.
Mission: Impossible 6 opens in the US on July 27, 2018, together with Henry Cavill’s magnificent moustache.