The ever-lovely Hayley Atwell, who currently plays Captain America’s first love Peggy Carter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, dropped this little nugget of information on Twitter last week.

During a Q&A session with fans, Atwell was asked if the actress if she would be interested in a role on Doctor Who.

Obviously, our dear Peggy Carter wouldn’t be satisfied with just playing a bit part in a role dominated by men.

As points out, there is precedent for having a Time Lord regenerate from one gender to the other (from Matt Smith’s first scene as the Doctor, we’re pretty sure it’s entirely possible to regenerate with some really weird traits too).

Plus, now that the Master has turned into Missy (Michelle Gomez), some fans are wondering whether the Doctor will be next. There was even speculation of a Doctor gender-switch before Peter Capaldi was cast as his current incarnation.

"I used to date a guy. He sacrificed himself to win WW2. You? Oh, did I mention he's a freaking super soldier?"
She’s got her own unique look all nailed down too. Bow ties are so two seasons ago.

Given that all thirteen Doctors have been male (and white), maybe it’s time for a little diversity (and make Ms Atwell’s dream come true)?

For a show that isn’t shy about having bisexual (Captain Jack Harkness, bless you John Barrowman) and gay/lesbian characters (Vastra and Jenny), that seems entirely possible.

Although that being said, a Doctor regeneration is always an emotional time, and not all fans may like the idea. Sorta like The Daily Show being hosted by someone other than Jon Stewart. Try not to cry. Try not to…

Season 2 of Agent Carter will arrive early next year, while the next season of Doctor Who starts Sept 15.


Will Hayley Atwell make a good Doctor? What do you think? Let us know!