Agent Carter
It’s alright Peggy, you’ll still kick ass in our hearts. ©ABC

Earlier today, the news that we’d been dreading for a while came: ABC officially cancelled Agent Carter.

The signs were all there. There was news that Atwell had been cast in new ABC drama Convictions, which has just been picked up. Plus, series guest star Dominic Cooper has already shot a series of Preacher for AMC.

While the show had been plagued by low ratings, fans and critics alike loved Hayley Atwell’s turn as the kickass SSR agent, as well as her supporting cast of friends, confidantes, and enemies. The second season may not have been as joyous as the first, but learning more about Peggy’s motivations and why she joined the SSR made for some compelling TV.

This is only making me sadder than I already am about Peggy Carter, especially coming on the heels of the revelation that [SPOILERS] she passes away before the Sokovia Accords are signed in Captain America: Civil War (see our review).

Agent Carter
“It’s okay Steve, now you can get it on with my niece.” ©ABC

But this is only the latest step in what looks like a reshuffling of Marvel’s projects. Agents of SHIELD may have been renewed for a fourth season next year, but ABC has now passed on the long awaited Marvel’s Most Wanted spin-off starring Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood. This is especially puzzling when you realise that their characters were basically written out of AoS in anticipation of MMW going forward, with seemingly no way of them returning to the fold.

Added to the news from earlier this month that the Inhumans movie has been moved off Marvel’s slate of releases, it gets even more intriguing. I’ve long been annoyed by how AoS has been ramming home the message of tolerance and understanding for enhanced humans. It’s basically their way of skirting around the mutant problem (Fox still owns all the X-Men related rights), but their execution of it has been clumsy to say the least. Does this mean that they’re reconsidering the Inhumans’ role in the MCU?

All of this means that AoS is the only Marvel TV show left on network TV, but the past two seasons have been a little lacklustre. The show has had links to MCU movies like Captain America: Winter SoldierAvengers: Age of Ultron and most recently Civil War, but I’m not so sure if it would work as a standalone.

On the other hand, Marvel’s Netflix titles have been doing extremely well, with critically acclaimed seasons of Daredevil and Jessica Jones. It just seems like their TV shows fare better when not restricted by the demands of a family friendly network.

Still, there’s hope that Atwell will still reprise her most popular role to date. As long as the MCU needs flashbacks to the early days of SHIELD, we’ll always have Agent Peggy Carter.

Were you hoping for a third season of Agent Carter? Tell us your thoughts!