It’s official – Agents of SHIELD has been given a full season to prove itself. It’s certainly going to need the time to do so.

ABC formally announced a full season pick-up order for the show, meaning that the much-hyped TV series has now joined NBC’s The Blacklist (far superior, in my opinion) and Fox’s Sleepy Hollow (haven’t seen it yet, heard good things) on the list of new shows that will be around for at least one season.

Ratings for Agents of SHIELD have been good, but not quite at superstar levels. For example, episode 3, titled “The Asset” reportedly brought in around 7.7. million viewers, which is only an 8% drop from the previous episode. By comparison, the latter took a sizeable dive in viewership from the pilot, dropping around 34%.

I’ve watched all three eps so far, and while I too worship at the altar of Joss Whedon (blessed be his name), I haven’t been terribly impressed. The pacing has been snail-like, the characters are less than compelling (the comedy duo of Fitz and Simmons are borderline annoying) and it can’t seem to decide on what tone it’s going for: action-adventure, comedy, or both.

Agents of SHIELD
They had gotten their annoying act down to a T. ©ABC

Simply put, it just all seems kind of, well, boring. As far as shows about super-secret spy agencies and global conspiracies go, the likes of Alias (2001-06) have done it far, far better. The trademark Whedon wit is there, but sometimes seems strangely out of place. “Can I get you anything while I go check on the device fueled by evil sitting in our cargo hold?”, anyone?

As Screen Rant put it so well, Clark Gregg’s charisma as Agent Phil Coulson and post-credit scenes – not to mention  the endless reservoir of goodwill towards Whedon and the hotness of Chloe Bennett – will only tide viewers over for so long. Personally, I’m still prepared to give it a chance – but not for too long.

Chloe Bennett, Agents of Shield
“Let’s face it, you’re only watching the show for me.” ©ABC

Source: Screen Rant

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