So The Amazing Spider-Man 2 stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Jamie Foxx are in Singapore, together with director Marc Webb, for Earth Hour. We were fortunate enough to get up close to them on Thursday, thanks to Sony Pictures Singapore.

The venue: Marina Bay Sands. The stars were first scheduled for a red carpet event at the skating rink at 6pm, before moving on to a press conference two hours after. I decided to be kiasu and turn up after 2pm to collect the allocated Spidey cap, mask and wristband, plus a Blu-ray The Amazing Spider-Man DVD, for the first 250 fans.

Spider-Man cast at MBS
Our swag. Courtesy of Lin Xinyi.

And then we found out that security wasn’t allowing anyone to queue up. When we asked what time we could start getting in line, they didn’t have a clue.

Amazing Spider-Man cast at Marina Bay Sands
©Geek Crusade

It’s a good thing the MBS Twitter account was responsive enough to start issuing clear instructions.

A Twitter exchange with MBS

Just after 4pm, they started allowing us to get in line – and so began the long, long wait (it was almost 730pm before the stars finally came out). We didn’t have a lot to do besides stand around and chat with fellow geeks like Red Dot Diva and Sarah Coldheart, so Gillian came up with the idea of using this sign to get Andrew and Emma’s attention.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 cast at MBS
©Geek Crusade

Later on, it was to reap much, much dividends and unexpected attention.

We were let into the rink itself at about 5pm, and Gillian led the way to the front at the barricades. As the hours passed, the crowd and the media began to build and build, until we were literally being pressed against the barricades. It was all right initially, but as the crowd got more and more restless, it actually became difficult to breathe. Grumpy Geek Bryan Huang was about two rows of people behind us, and he literally could not move. 

The sign also got us more attention than we bargained for – SIX reporters came to interview us, and many more photographers and cameramen came to film/shoot us. One of them was a (presumably) Spanish journo, who asked if we spoke English. Hey, it’s only our first language, you know.

Indonesian TV personality Mike Lewis also came to speak us, and was quite literally stunned when I mentioned that I had proposed to Gillian with a Spider-Man quote. He then put us on his Instagram account, which resulted in THIS:

With Mike Lewis at MBS
Source: @mike_lewis

Hosts The Muttons tried their best to keep us entertained with a steady stream of banter. The organisers also brought out Spider-Man, Electro and Gwen cosplayers, cos, you know, that was what we really came to see.

Then at long last, we could see them on the big screen, being driven to the rink one by one in buggies. All except Andrew Garfield, strangely enough, who drove his own buggy. Then the frenzy really began, with constant screams and yells of “JAMIE!!!”, “EMMA!!” and loudest of all, “AAANDREEWWWW!!!”

Gillian was to remark later on that there was really no difference between the press and the fans, who were on opposite sides of the carpet. Both kept yelling the stars’ names, and both were clamouring for selfies with, and pictures of the stars. It was hard to disagree.

First to come sauntering down the line was Marc Webb, who duly obliged our request for a selfie.

Marc Webb at Marina Bay Sands
©Geek Crusade

One down, three to go. Next came Django/Electro himself, Jamie Foxx, who was all cool and swagger and shit. And he looked suitably badass for our selfie.

Jamie Foxx at Marina Bay Sands
©Geek Crusade

Once Emma Stone started walking down the line, the screams increased in volume. You know how people say that some celebrities don’t look as good in person as on screen? I swear that she was literally GLOWING. She was all charm and smiles, and actually noticed our sign. So we got a selfie, of course.

Emma Stone at Marina Bay Sands
©Geek Crusade

But the screams reached their peak once the golden boy appeared. Andrew Garfield seemed the calmest and the coolest, and he reacted to our sign with a smile and a wink at Gillian, and a “I’ll be right over.” It’s just a pity something went wrong with our selfie.

With Andrew Garfield at MBS
©Geek Crusade


Here’s some more photos of the director and cast at the red carpet, all looking very luminous indeed.

Check in with us again in a few hours, as we tell you what happened at the press conference after the red carpet.  There’s laughs, surprises and a few facepalm moments.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 cast in Singapore – who would ever have thought it possible?