Angelababy stars in Agent 47
Source: Xinhua Ent

[Exclusive] Twentieth Century Fox has not announced this but we are telling you that the ” very well-known Chinese actress cast in Agent 47 ”  is Angela Yeung a.k.a. Angelababy) , a Chinese actress, model, and singer based in Hong Kong.

Our source tells us that Angelababy has arrived in Singapore and has met up with the rest of the cast from the movie. In addition, Angelababy confirmed it when she left this message on her weibo account:

“我,去哪儿?”,近日抵新拍《Agent 47》。-May 5, 2014

Twentieth Century Fox  had not responded to our queries by press time.

Agent 47  is Angelababy’s first foray into Hollywood, and she follows in the footsteps of other Asian actresses like Fan Bing Bing, Zhang Zi Yi, Michelle Yeoh and Gong Li. Here’s hoping that she won’t that token Asian character.

Now, we know that Agent 47 will be filming  at the Marina Barrage on May 7 and 8 from 5pm – 8pm, so if you are a fan of Angelababy, that might be your best chance to meet her.

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