Photo: Marvel Comics

Someone else may be joining Mister Sinister in terrorising our beloved ragin’ Cajun. Now that the troubled Gambit movie seems to finally be getting it together with 20th Century Fox setting an official release date on Valentine’s Day 2019 (yuck!), the project is also taking other steps forward.

According to a report by Omega Underground, a source close to the production says that supervillain Candra the Benefactress, also known as Red Death, will be appearing in the X-Men spinoff. For those who may not be familiar with the glossary of X-Men villains, Candra is powerful and immortal telekinetic mutant who is a frequent enemy of Gambit’s.

If the movie is going to focus on Remy LeBeau’s origin, including the Thieves Guild and the Assassins Guild of New Orleans, then Candra’s involvement is in keeping with X-Men lore. Before he becomes the card-throwing X-Man we all know and love, Remy is part of the Thieves Guild, which together with the Assassins Guild, are controlled by Candra.

She supplies the Assassins with power while the Thieves receive the Elixir of Life. We reported two years ago that French actress Lea Seydoux would be playing Remy’s love interes, Bella Donna, who is from the Assassins Guild.

Omega Underground goes on to postulate that this sets a path to introduce the villains of the X-Force movie. Candra is part of a group of powerful mutants known as the Externals, which is often embroiled in conflict with this X-team.

At this point in development, it’s difficult to confirm most of the rumours swirling around the project. Will Daniel Craig play Mister Sinister? Will Candra really join the fray? Only time will tell.

The Gambit movie is slated for a February 14, 2019 release in the US. How do you feel about Candra joining in the fun?