DC’s movie business may have a fair bit of catching up to do to Marvel, but the Arrow TV franchise and its Flash spinoff have been making waves of their own.

And it looks like they’ll be adding new characters from the DC Comics, giving fans more to cheer about.

In the upcoming Arrow Season 3, series regular Roy Harper (Colton Hayes), will finally get his own superhero identity. Many previously speculated if it would be Speedy or the Red Arrow, but it appears that Harper will don the mantle of Arsenal.

No news yet if Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) will take over the role of The Canary from her sister Sara (Caity Lotz), but there’s still the whole of Comic Con.

And according to TVLine’s Michael Ausiello, DC villainess Plastique will make an appearance in the first season of The Flash.

“The series’ incarnation of the metahuman is a fetching young redhead who was a bomb specialist with the Army before she was injured by an IED in Iraq. Since being exposed to the Central City explosion, she can turn any object into a bomb with just a touch of her hand – not a bad comrade for The Flash to have on his team, eh?”

We’ll have to wait and see who is cast for the role of Sergeant Bette Sans Souci, but that bit about her as a comrade is interesting, given that the comics’ version is somewhat different (look, I described her as a villainess a few sentences ago). Maybe it’ll be similar to how The Huntress played out in the Arrow series, who knows?

Still, exciting times ahead for DC fans. The Flash and Arrow Season 3 will premiere in October, a day apart.

Source:, Entertainment Weekly, TVLine

Are you excited over the new DC characters? Do you think Warner Bros should look to include some of them in the DC movies?