Doctor Strange
Benny’s schedule was taking its toll on him. Source:

There’s no shortage of potential roles for the Internet’s boyfriend: ever since his profile exploded with Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch has been linked with every role from Sandman to James Bond to Doctor Who to even – yes, really – David Bowie. And while he can’t possibly play every geek role out there, he’s a very, very busy man.

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We’ve already seen plenty of Benny in the past year, with his role in crime drama Black Mass (see our review), the Sherlock special The Abominable Bride (see our review) and his limited run as Hamlet at the Barbican Theatre in London. But that was just a warm up. Even as the Doctor Strange shoot is scheduled to wrap up soon, we know that the 221B set is already being rebuilt for Sherlock season 4, thanks to set designer Arwel Wyn Jones.

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And there’s more. Benedict Cumberbatch has signed on to star in The War Magician, the story of real-life World War II magician Jasper Maskelyne, who may or may not have played a key role in winning the war. He’s also set to star in The Current War as the pioneering scientist Thomas Edison, which revolves around his real-life conflict with fellow scientist George Westinghouse (Jake Gyllenhaal).

But that’s not all! Benny has a role in Gary Oldman’s directorial debut Flying Horse, alongside Ralph Fiennes. Revolving around the pioneering filmmaker Eadweard Muybridge, it’s set for release some time this year. Finally, Cumberbatch provides the voice of the author Lewis Clark in the animated fantasy Magik, coming out on Christmas Day.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in Sherlock
The fans were constantly chasing them. ©BBC

Phew. That’s a very, very packed schedule. All of which begs the question that Opinionated Geek JM Wong asked: is Cumberbatch in danger of over-exposure? With his roles in the Star Trek and Hobbit franchises, his continuing presence in Sherlock and his role in the Marvel movies, he’s arguably already transcended superstardom. Given his immense popularity (especially on social media), is there really a need for him to take on so much?

Don’t get us wrong: we at Geek Crusade are huge fans of Benny, who is a fine actor. But he also seems to be playing the same role over and over again – namely, that of the troubled, socially awkward genius. Which is a shame, when we know that he’s capable of so much more.

In any case, no matter who or what he plays, there’ll be plenty of fans going ga ga over Cumberbatch. We just hope his star doesn’t burn so bright that it simply burns out.

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