Blade Runner 2049
“Quick Ryan, I need to get to the retirement home.” Photo: Stephen Vaughan/Warner bros

While screen legend Harrison Ford is also headlining Blade Runner 2049, it’s pretty clear that Ryan Gosling’s K is the main character and star of the show, which Gosling has promised will be ‘a lot more bleak’ than the 1982 original.

Director Denis Villeneuve, who garnered such acclaim for sci-fi epic Arrival (see our review), explains in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

“He has the movie on his shoulders. He’s in almost every single frame. To see his smile in the morning — and when Ryan Gosling smiles, the camera melts — and his goodwill and strength just meant the world to me. I owe him a lot. This movie owes him a lot.”

The story takes place in a world profoundly affected by climate change, which is reflected in a wider and more golden palette for the film “The climate has gone berserk and the ecosystem has collapsed and the ocean has risen,” Villeneuve says. “There are a lot of refugees trying to survive on the West Coast.”

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It’s also good to hear that Villeneuve has inherited Ridley Scott’s attention to detail. According to Gosling, an entire set was built just for a small scene where Gosling speaks to a man sitting at a desk. As Villeneuve puts it: “It’s not the amount of time [on screen] but the impact of the moment.”

Blade Runner 2049 opens in Singapore on October 5. Watch the trailer