So we’re here in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where we’ve been visiting the Breaking Bad shooting locations where the TV series was filmed. Judging by the way people’s eyes here light up when we mention the show (starting with the car rental guy at the airport), Breaking Bad has clearly become an institution in ABQ.

But it’s also made a huge impact overseas, as evidenced from our interviews with the guys from ABQ Trolley, who organise a tour of the various shooting locations, and The Candy Lady, who supplied the original prop candy for the show. They’ve entertained visitors from as far afield as Germany, Italy, Australia and Japan and now, Singapore.

As cliched as it sound, the show really does come alive when you see the actual Breaking Bad shooting locations in the flesh. Keep checking in on this post, as we update it with more photos of the locations from our two day trip here. And talk about serendipity – Krysten Ritter, who played Jesse’s girlfriend Jane, is currently in town shooting a movie. We’ll see if we can track her down…

Jesse’s house (Season 1-5)

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This is Jesse Pinkman's house #breakingbad #ABQ

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The street corner where Combo gets shot (Season 2)

Jesse buys a gun

Walt and Skyler’s car wash (Season 1-5)

Walt’s house (Season 1-5)

A stop at The Candy Lady – channeling Walter White

Blue crystal meth, anyone?

The laundry where Gus Fring built a meth lab (Season 2-4)

Hank got shot in this car park (Season 3)

The house of a certain Gus Fring (Season 2-4)

Recognise this fast food place? It’s better known as Los Pollos Hermanos (Season 2-4)

And who could resist this shot with Los Pollos Hermanos themselves?

What do you think of the Breaking Bad locations? Would you ever come and visit? Leave a comment below and let us know. 

Most of the images in this post were taken with a Nikon 1 V2