While the Marvel marketing machine has been pitting us between Team Cap and Team Iron Man, we know what this summer’s superhero title fight is really about” Team Marvel (Disney) vs Team DC (Warner Bros).

And after sitting through the triple movie marathon that consisted of Captain America: Winter Soldier (see our review), Avengers: Age of Ultron (see our review) and culminating in the first screening of Captain America: Civil War, it is clear who the comic book movie winner is.

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Shaw Cinemas had the brilliant idea of hosting a Captain America IMAX movie marathon on Wednesday, April 27, just before the first public screening of Civil War. And while my ass is still sore and my neck feels like it’s been pummeled by Bucky, watching those movies back-to-back does give a different perspective of the shared Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It allows for one to actually enjoy the broad narrative strokes that were set in motion during the events of Winter Soldier (and even earlier in Captain America: The First Avenger) that eventually play out in Civil War.

Civil War post credits scenes
©Marvel Studios

On one hand, movies that have been converted for 3D viewing have always felt like a gimmick to me; on the other hand, this is IMAX we’re talking about. I honestly couldn’t care less about Avengers: Age of Ultron (actually the movie took place over 4 days so I would hardly call it an ‘age’ of anything) but to catch both The Winter Soldier AND Civil War for the first time on a gigantic IMAX screen is too good an opportunity to pass up.

For me, the Captain America story arc is the most interesting of all the Marvel cinematic characters. Steve Rogers is essentially the ultimate boy scout trying to survive in a very cynical world which, if you ask me, sounds terribly boring on paper. However, the Russo Brothers and their scriptwriting duo of Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, managed to create some very compelling scenarios to flesh out what might have been a very-two dimensional character.

Civil War
©Marvel Studios

I managed to catch up with Kai, 21, and Hairul, 29, two of Singapore’s most ardent Captain America/Winter Soldier fans, who bought tickets to the marathon.They actually had tickets to another Captain America movie marathon. But when they found out that Shaw would be offering it in the IMAX theater, they immediately went for Shaw’s instead.

And it met all of their expectations. While Hairul was left “speechless” by the movie, Kai had this to say: “There was so much hype for this movie and I was afraid to be disappointed but Civil War met all my expectations!

Captain America
Hairul and Kai. Photo credit: Wong Jun Heng for Geek Crusade

Like Kai and Hairul, I had a lot of fun too. In fact, it was one of the few movie marathons that I actually enjoyed (the last one being Nolan’s Batman trilogy). One piece of advice while watching Civil War: Sit near the back of the theater to enjoy the full effect of the action sequences.

Oh, and do stay till the end of the ALL the credits as there is a message from your friendly neighbourhood…

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