In Sony’s ever-expanding Spider-Man cinematic universe, Carnage will now join the fray. ©Marvel Comics

Looks like Sony is ready to get back into the game! We recently reported that Sony Pictures is developing their own Spider-Man cinematic universe starting with a Venom movie which stars Tom Hardy in the titular role. This will then be followed by a Black Cat and Silver Sable movie.

More details on Sony’s plan have emerged in a new report by The Hollywood Reporter which confirms that Carnage will indeed appear as the nemesis in Venom. This is something fans have been hoping for as Carnage is a fan favourite often described as one of the vilest villains in the Marvel universe.

Carnage’s origin story is tied directly to Venom. The symbiotic alien that possessed disgraced journalist Edward Brock spawned and merged with homicidal maniac Cletus Kasady thus creating the ultraviolent, bloodthirsty entity Carnage.

And if that doesn’t get your spider senses tingling, the same report reveals that Sony is planning more standalone films based on Spider-Man villains including Kraven the Hunter and Mysterio.

From this systematic approach, one can sense that Sony is, as the report states, “building out a world gradually rather than launch one immediately”. It’s a carbon of the Marvel approach that turned their properties into lucrative blockbusters.

Now that Sony is giving their Spidey franchise a second, wait, third lease of life, let’s hope they can get it right and stick to it this time!

What do you think of Sony’s plans for a Spider-Man cinematic universe so far?