Black Mirror Season 4

Black Mirror is one of Team Geek Crusade’s favourite sci-fi tv shows of recent times, and it looks like Season 4 of the critically acclaimed series will dive ever deeper into our questionable relationship with technology.

At the recently concluded panel at PaleyFest in New York, the audience were treated to a screening of the first episode of Black Mirror Season 4, “USS Callister”. The episode drew comments for its obvious callbacks to Star Trek, but Brooker was quick to clarify that it was about “tyranny and the abuse of power”, which may or may not mirror real world events.

This isn’t the first time the show has been held up as a weirdly prophetic depiction of the things to come. The series has previously referenced VR and personal tracking technologies, causing Brooker to remark that he was “in the wrong game”.

Brooker also touched on a possible sequel to “San Junipero”, saying that they might do it in a “completely different form” if it did come to light. However, he also quashed any hopes of that being done anytime soon.

What do you hope to see in Black Mirror season 4, geeks? Leave a comment below and tell us your thoughts.