Singaporean actor Chin Han
Source: The Straits Times

He’s been busy burnishing his geek credentials for quite a few years, with high profile appearances in The Dark Knight (2008) and Arrow (2012 – ?), and smaller roles in The Blacklist and most recently, Captain America: The Winter SoldierNow, our very own Chin Han has landed the role of the baddie in new Netflix series Marco Polo.

This is Netflix’s next big project after House of Cards, albeit in collaboration with The Weinstein Company. Marco Polo is currently filming at Pinewood Iskandar Studios in Malaysia. The 10-episode drama focuses on Marco Polo’s (Italian actor Lorenzo Richelmy) journey to the centre of a brutal war in 13th century China. Chin Han will play Jia Sidao, the villain of the piece.

The Marco Polo TV series was originally the brainchild of Starz, which reportedly abandoned the project after its attempts to film in China fizzled out. Given that previous Starz productions include Spartacus and Da Vinci’s Demons, we should probably expect eye-watering levels of sex and violence in this. What chance that Chin Han will, ahem, join the party?

Marco Polo is expected to premiere on Netflix in late 2014.

Source: Hollywood Reporter, Screen Daily

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