Remember in Captain America: Civil War when Bucky was all like “I’m outta here” and Cap was all ” Naw bro, don’t go”?

Chris Evans
Hnnnnnnnnggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Source:

Even the cast and crew were impressed, according to co-director Joe Russo. “The guy gets so ripped to play that part. “I think the whole group gathered around when we shot it and were marveling at him, just like, ‘I can’t believe how big his guns are.'”

Well, you’ll be most heartened (or perhaps saddened) to know that that shot was 100 per cent Chris Evans – no CGI, no padding, no enhancements, nada.

Co-director Anthony Russo had this to say to Mashable:

“Listen to this. The very first meeting we ever had with Marvel, when we came in to ask about Winter Soldier for the very first time, we asked them, ‘Did you guys enhance [Evans] when he came out of that pod [in The First Avenger]?’ And they were like, ‘No. We swear to god, we didn’t touch him. That’s all Chris Evans.”

Even Downey couldn’t believe it. Source:

Let Anthony Russo talk you through that scene:

“Joe initially came up with the idea that he would hold the helicopter down. But that shot was very specific … I remember before we shot it I was in Rock Center and looking at the statue of Atlas — and I’m thinking, what’s the quintessential Captain America ‘Atlas shot?’ That shot was very much designed to that end, to be evocative of that Atlas statue there, in terms of showing his strength.”

Thank you for the fan service, Russos. A million fangirls – and many more fanboys – are eternally grateful.