Ender’s Game opens here in a week’s time! We’ll be reviewing it very soon, but first, it’s time for us to tell you about one of the best things we saw at Comic Con this year – the Ender’s Game Fan Experience.

Besides the usual Hall H panels, this year’s San Diego Comic Convention was marked by the sheer number of off-site events, in Hollywood studios’ attempt to up the stakes for fans who a) couldn’t get into Comic Con and/or b) were sick of the enormous crowds in the convention centre.

These ranged from a surprise appearance by The Amazing Spider-Man 2 cast at a fan event, to a giant bouncy castle installed by Adult Swim near Petco Park, to an adorable Lego Shire. Among the best of these off-site events – the Ender’s Game Fan Experience, a huge construct outside the Gaslamp Quarter.

Made with actual props from the movie, it gave fans a chance to walk through reconstructions of sets that were used in filming. As you might have expected, there were looong lines outside the temporary building that housed it. But we got lucky – we passed by one day, saw a very short line, jumped in and got in within 10 minutes. Here’s the highlights of what we saw.

Ender’s Game opens in Singapore on November 7. Leave us a comment below if you’re excited to see it!