We know that King Kong and Godzilla already share a movie universe. But could the Jaegers of Pacific Rim join them as well? According to Pacific Rim: Uprising director Steven S. DeKnight, a Pacific Rim-Godzilla crossover might just happen.

In a recent interview with Collider, DeKnight said that discussions on the matter have already taken place:

“Look, I think it would be fantastic to have the Pacific Rim universe join Legendary’s monster universe, it seems like a natural step. And part of the big overall plan after the third movie we’ve talked about is that could happen, it’s always a possibility. It’s by far not a certainty; it’s merely theoretical at this point, but as a fan myself I would love to see that happen.”

It would certainly make sense, given that Kong, Godzilla and the monsters of Pacific Rim are technically all kaiju. Though you do wonder: will too many monster spoil the broth?

In the meantime, Pacific Rim: Uprising will be out in US cinemas on March 23, 2018Kong: Skull Island is scheduled for a 2019 release and Godzilla vs. Kong comes out in 2020.

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