Agent Carter
“Now where’s this Diana Prince everyone keeps talking about?” ©ABC

Cast your mind back, if you will, to early 2016, when the world seemed like a much simpler place. Before Wonder Woman kicked butt onscreen and at the box office, Hayley Atwell was kicking butt on the short-lived but much beloved Agent Carter series.

Initially conceived as a filler of sorts when Agents of SHIELD took a mid-season break, the first season of the show quickly became a firm fan favourite. Sadly, while the second season was applauded for its acting performances and setting, it didn’t translate into ratings, which eventually led to its cancellation.

There was also some hope that Netflix would pick it up after ABC dropped it, but sadly, that didn’t come to pass either despite fans rallying around to lobby for the return of their favourite character.

Then earlier this week, Marvel Studios co-president Louis D’Esposito tweeted out two pictures taken with Atwell when she dropped by for a visit.

Atwell has spoken of her willingness to reprise the role of Agent Carter – despite her onscreen death in Captain America: Civil War – in whatever capacity Marvel needs her for. Which means that this meeting wasn’t just a catch up between old friends.

There’s some speculation online that Atwell might make an appearance in Captain Marvel, which will be set in the 1990s when Peggy Carter was still alive. Atwell has already made a similar sort of cameo in 2015’s Ant-Manso it’s definitely a possibility.

Personally, I’ll take whatever little we get of Agent Carter that Marvel will deign to throw at us, because you can never go wrong with more Peggy.

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