Rejoice, Singapore geeks! After a successful run in Malaysia, DC Comics Superheroes Cafe is landing in Singapore – or more specifically, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) – on September 1.

Like it’s counterparts in Malaysia, the DC Comics-themed cafe, which is being brought in by JT Network, will be serving dishes inspired by characters from the comic book universe.

So that means characters like Batman, Superman, Green lantern and their respective villains will be present. Basically, the restaurant at the end of Kingdom Come come to life.

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We don’t know what it will look like yet, but here’s what the sister cafe in Malaysia looks like. We are guessing that it will include features like:

1. Comic Book menu

2. Totes cheesy superhero renditions

A Dark Knight tribute comes in the form of black buns with a bat signal on top. A Superman soft drink is also served blue with Superman logo ice cubes.

3. Logos. Lots of Superhero logos everywhere.

Unlike superhero-themed restaurants like Hungry Heroes, DC Comic Superheroes Cafe is officially licensed to sell DC Comics merchandise throughout Asia.

And it shows with their liberal use of superhero logos on everything and everywhere.

4. Lots of Cool decor.

Batmobile? Batman bust? Lifesize Superman? And lots of movie art?  It’s all going to be here.

dc comics superheroes cafe
Source: /flim

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An earlier version of this article had stated that the JT Network are also the organisers of the DC Justice League Run. This is incorrect. The Run is actually organised by Pink Apple, which has no affiliation to JT Network or the launch of the DC Comics Superheroes Cafe.