Deadpool 2
About that teddy bear….Photo: Ryan Reynolds Facebook page

Ryan Reynolds promised us all that Josh Brolin’s Cable would be epic, and he certainly does look the part in the first images of the time-traveling mutant that were released on Monday night (August 7). But wait – what’s that teddy bear doing on Cable’s hip?

At first glance, one might think that it’s simply par for the course for a Deadpool movie. But a new image has emerged, courtesy of YVRShoots. It shows one of Brolin’s stunt doubles wearing a very familiar costume.

Cast your minds back to the “Messiah Complex” storyline of 2007/2008, when a certain Hope Summers made her debut in “X-Men” #205. Following the “House of M” event, there were only 198 mutants left in the world and no new mutants being born – until Hope came along.

A powerful psychic, Hope ended up being hunted across space and time by the renegade X-Man Bishop. Her only protector was Cable – wearing a costume very similar to the one you see above – who became a surrogate father to her.

Hope Summers’ presence in Deadpool 2 was first hinted at in the first teaser for the movie, where her name was scrawled on a phone booth. There’s no clue yet on the film’s IMDB page as to whether she will indeed be in the movie or who might play her.

It’s also worth noting that Hope has a very special connection with the Phoenix Force. Could this be a precursor to X-Men: Dark Phoenix? So many questions!

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