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And now for some sombre news. After a tragic accident that saw the death of a stunt woman on Monday (14 August), Deadpool 2 has recommenced filming in Vancouver.

Stunt performer Joi Harris was the first African-American female professional road racer and joined the crew last week as a stunt double for Zazie Beetz, who plays Domino. According to reports, Harris had been in the middle of filming a stunt that involved a motorcycle and had already filmed several successful takes, but on the last one the motorcycle went out of control and crashed.

Deadline reported that Harris had not been wearing a helmet when the accident occurred due to her joining the set at the last minute, which meant that she didn’t have time to get a helmet custom made for her.

The movie shut down production immediately after the tragedy occurred, and Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter and Instagram to post his condolences.

Vancouver police are conducting a full investigation.

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