Deadpool movie
That sound you hear? It’s millions of cash registers ringing. ©20th Century Fox

So Deadpool is finally here. The marketing for the movie is some of the best I’ve ever seen, but fanboys were also afraid that the amount of hype generated meant it couldn’t be THAT good.

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So just how good was it?

It’s good. Very good. Not so mindblowingly good (like the first Avengers movie) that it could completely wipe out the stink of the Fantastic Four reboot (see our review), but suffice to say that fans won’t be disappointed.

525,600 minutes? I’ve waited YEARS for this! ©20th Century Fox

Most fans will know Deadpool‘s origin story. In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) fought alongside Wolverine in the Weapon X programme. And then they decided to sew up his mouth and turn him into a brainwashed killing machine.

Fast forward a couple of years, and suddenly, some test footage of Deadpool found its way onto the Interwebs. And that footage was so, so good. Naturally it went viral, and soon hordes of fans were baying for a proper Deadpool movie.

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Now, seven years after Reynolds first got cast in that lousy excuse for a Wolverine movie (and five years after that horrible Green Lantern movie), Wade Wilson finally has the solo superhero movie he deserves. This incarnation of our favourite mercenary describes himself as a bad guy who gets paid to take out worse guys.

At the start, Wilson proves to have a giant soft spot for his girlfriend Vanessa (Morena Baccarin). Unfortunately, their little utopia is soon shattered by the discovery that Wade has cancer, and he opts to undergo experimental treatment administered by Ajax (Ed Skrein) that will grant him superpowers.

His ass really deserves second billing on this movie. ©20th Century Fox

The real-life Reynolds is so much like Deadpool that it’s clear that we have another RDJ/Tony Stark situation here. There is no doubt he was born to play Wade Wilson, and I’m so glad we finally get the chance to see the character in all his irreverent, uncensored glory. (Ladies will also be glad to see quite a bit of Reynolds in his almost-fully-nekkid glory)

Deadpool boasts some insane action sequences (think Kingsman: The Secret Service) and a constant barrage of wisecracks from Reynolds. The jokes came so fast and furious, I often found myself laughing so hard that I missed the next one.

Coming on the heels of several not-so-fantastic Marvel films from both Disney and Fox, Deadpool is a refreshing new take on the superhero movie genre. Devoted fans will also be delighted by the sheer amount of X-Men related jokes here. Deadpool breaks the fourth wall so much, there may as well be no wall at all!

Deadpool movie
Dear Fox Studios, please please PLEASE let the X-Men/Deadpool crossover happen. ©20th Century Fox

But let’s be real. The plot of the movie is as thin as a piece of rice paper. It also suffers from Lousy Villain syndrome. Ajax is as one-dimensional as they come, with no clue as to his motivations or emotions. Most of the time, he just scowls and looks like the lovechild of Rupert Friend and Nicholas Hoult.

However, the big surprise of the movie is in the injection of Colossus (Stefan Kapicic) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (newcomer Brianna Hildebrand). The two X-Men form an unlikely duo, but seeing all of them work as a team was strangely exciting. In fact, some of the best gags stemmed from Colossus trying his darndest to get Wade to join the X-Men. I don’t think Colossus even spoke that much in the comics.

Even with its flaws, Deadpool is entertaining as hell. I’ve only got three requests for the next movie: more plot, more X-Men crossing over, and more Hello Kitty please.

Deadpool is out in cinemas now. Did it live up to your expectations? Tell us in the comments!