The Imitation Game
“You mean I could have been directed by GDT?” Source: Shaw Organisation

It’s something that could only exist in a parallel universe, or the Elseworlds, or perhaps in the library Lucien tends for Dream of the Endless. But once upon a time, a Doctor Strange movie by Guillermo Del Toro and Neil Gaiman was a distinct possibility.

Yes, THAT GDT and THAT Gaiman. The Sandman writer took up the story on Twitter a few days ago:

Bear in mind: this all happened in 2007, even before the first Iron Man movie came out. So it would have probably been too much of a risk for a studio that hadn’t even started on Marvel Phase I – if Iron Man was B-list, Doctor Strange was probably C-list.

And as Gaiman himself testifies, it never went beyond the initial talks.

Instead, GDT went on to do loads of awesome stuff, like direct Loki in Crimson Peak (see our review), while Gaiman did movies like Stardust, Coraline and is now working on a Sandman adaptation. It’s so very tempting to think what might have been though, with GDT’s very particular Gothic sensibilities and Gaiman’s imagination.

We’ve only had a few brief glimpses of the Scott Derrickson-directed Doctor Strange, which is still in production, so there’s no way of knowing just how good it is. And while Benedict Cumberbatch will do a fine job (as he always does), one can’t help thinking that it will all turn out to be a rather conventional sort of comic book movie.

The Doctor Strange Singapore release date has been tentatively set for Nov 3, 2016.

Finished weeping yet, geeks? What do you think the GDT/Gaiman Doctor Strange movie would have been like?