Doctor Strange review
©Marvel Studios

So the box office returns are in, and Doctor Strange has netted some US$86 million in 33 overseas markets, including Singapore, the UK, South Korea and Hong Kong. And the movie doesn’t even open in the US until next week.

According to Disney, Doctor Strange has beaten the opening grosses of Ant-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy and even Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It was the top-grossing movie in nearly every one of the 33 markets – and it has yet to open in major markets such as China, Brazil, Japan, and Russia.

Which is quite a feat, considering how little-known Stephen Strange is among the non-fanboys. But then again, that was what they said about Iron Man, Captain America et al, and Marvel still managed to make it succeed.

We really enjoyed Doctor Strange too, in spite of the (perennial) lack of a properly fleshed out villain and the whitewashing controversy. Given that the Sorcerer Supreme is set to play a major role in the MCU (just check out the mid-credits scene and what it entails), it bodes very, very well for Marvel’s Phase 4.

Meanwhile, director Scott Derrickson already has a villain in mind for the Doctor Strange sequel.