Howard Stark
“You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone.” ©ABC

Things haven’t been looking good for Howard Stark of late. When last we saw the older version of Tony’s dad (played by Jon Slattery), he was busy dying in Captain America: Civil War. Shortly after that, Agent Carter‘s cancellation meant we would no longer be seeing young Howard, played by Dominic Cooper, either.

But Cooper, who’s currently earning rave reviews in Preacher, is hoping that the critically acclaimed series gets a second chance on Netflix or Amazon. During a panel at MCM London Comic Con, Cooper responded to a question on whether he wanted to see the show revived at another network.

“There may be more story to tell and what’s wonderful about streaming sites is that while it may have been the end of the road, now there’s hope that it might not be. I know James and Haley, the fact that people have gotten behind it and want to see it return means a huge amount to them. I’m well up for doing more Howard Stark and I know they’re up for doing more of their characters, so fingers crossed.”

Cooper and the show certainly have plenty of support – a recent petition for Agent Carter to move to Netflix got more than 113,000 signatures in two weeks. We at Geek Crusade LOVE the show and Hayley Atwell’s Peggy Carter, and were deeply disappointed by she show’s cancellation.

But in any case, both Cooper and Atwell’s characters have featured multiple times in Marvel films and TV shows like Agents of SHIELD. So even if the show doesn’t get revived, I’m pretty sure we’ll see Peggy and Howard around somehow, somewhere.