In some non-Marvel news, Dwayne Johnson revealed he would have a role in a Shazam film from DC Entertainment.

The former wrestling star, was, however, unable to confirm whether he would be playing Shazam or Shazam’s nemesis, Black Adam, because he apparently hasn’t decided, and has always been a fan of anti-heroes.

Black Adam, in particular, has been a favourite DC Comics character of his, said the man also known as The Rock, who is currently on the big screens as Hercules.

Interestingly, Hercules is one of the six heroes Shazam is supposed to have powers of – biblical figure Solomon, Hercules, fellow Greek legends Atlas, Zeus, and Achilles, and Mercury, because using the Greek version Hermes instead of the Roman one would’ve made him Shazah.

Oh and his true identity is that of a little boy called Billy Batson, who becomes Shazam by saying… SHAZAM.

Also, Shazam was once known as DC’s Captain Marvel, but lost out when Marvel got the rights to the Captain Marvel name, whose current incarnation may have her own movie coming her way. The official announcement for the Shazam film  is believed to be part of a wave of DC Entertainment movie news due to hit us some time soon. Hopefully before Marvel releases Avengers 3.

Source: AP

DC fans, how do you feel about this news?